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What a fantastic site. I've already learnt things I didn't know about Stourbridge, even though I've lived just down the road for 16 years! I shall spread the word about the site!
Michael Collie, Presenter, BBC Midlands Today
"Bostin website!" Prof Carl Chinn, Black Country Historian and Presenter
I've just got to tell you, your local web site is about the best I've seen, from anywhere in the world. Congrats, well done, I'd say more but I don't want to sound patronising.

VJ (Val) Stretton, freelance writer and web developer.
Hello, I'm looking for a store that sells high-end kitchenware (e.g. Le Creuset). My daughter has relocated from the U.S. to Wollaston and I'd like to send her a gift certificate from a local store. Is there such a store in Stourbridge (or do you know of one in Wollaston)? Your site is great, and your help is much appreciated!
Best, Birthe Rasmussen, California

We replied to Birthe, here's her reply:

Thank you very much for both of your emails! I can't believe I actually got a reply!! It felt sort of like throwing a bottle into the ocean with a message in it. I guess that's what the Internet is like, and, you're right, it's a powerful thing. Of course you may publish my e-mail to try to persuade some more retailers to advertise on your site. I remember my daughter telling me there was a nice kitchenware store in Wollaston, so I'm sure Kitchen Manor is it. I'll call them tomorrow and pray that they'll take a credit card over the phone. The cost of sending a check in the mail is very expensive here, unfortunately. Anyway, I really appreciate your assistance!! Also, your site is helping to give me a good feel for Stourbridge, thanks to the pictures and info on it, so keep up the good work. Who knows, Stourbridge may yet become THE most desirable tourist attraction in all of the UK, thanks to your site-so tell your retailers they'd better get with it and advertise on the net!:-) I, for one, look forward to visiting! - Birthe Rasmussen, California

Dear Sir or Madam, I'm an owner of a gift shop for dog lovers in Japan. I hope to purchase Mr Neil Harris' glass sculptures. I've been looking for his business information. Today I finally found your web site! http://www.stourbridge.co.uk/htm/ruskin.htm Could you please let me know his business address? I want to contact his gallery. I'll look forward to hearing from you soon.
Mayumi Matsuzaki Otter's Tail Compnay Address 18-6 Takaishigami,
Ichikawa City, Chiba 2720814, Japan

We replied to Mayumi's email with Neil's contact details, here's her reply:

Thank you for your quick return. I'm pleased to hear Mr. Neil will contact me. Please tell him to contact me by fax. It's convenient for us. I appreciate your arrangement. Please use my enquiry mail to promote your web site. It's my pleasure!! Could you please inform Neil of our web site? Our shop is for Retrievers lovers. Our web site is only in Japanese. However it might help him to know us. Best Regards, Mayumi Matsuzaki Otter's Tail Company
Memo from Jenny Pierpoint of PricewaterhouseCoopers
This is a terrific site! As someone who is looking to move to the Birmingham area I am trying to find a place to live and you'd be surprised how few sites there are that tell you about West Midland towns and the surrounding area. Well done - Jenny (London)

To: business@stourbridge.co.uk
Sent: Monday, May 20, 2002 12:33 AM
Subject: Looking for Neil Harris, who makes crystal glass dogs

Please help me locate Neil Harris crystal dogs. I need to order several dogs on short notice and I have been unable to locate him. Thank you. Best regards,
Peggy Clymer
LP Solutions
1100 Industrial Road, Suite 7
San Carlos,
California 94070
United States Tel +1 650 591 3699 Fax +1 650 593 3095

stourbridge.com located him and notified Peggy by email. Here's her reply:

Because of your support and diligence, Mr. Harris and I have talked and will be doing some business across these many, many miles. This transaction represents e-commerce at its best--opening new markets and business opportunities. I hope my endorsement enables you to convince your other local businesses to take advantage of this new and enhanced business channel. I have had great success with the Internet as a tool to help me find specialty items that are nearly impossible to find at local stores. I have done business with people in Sweden, Ireland, England, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia. Each encounter proves what a wonderful world we live in and makes a new friend. By the way, in case you are wondering San Carlos is located about 20 miles south of San Francisco.
Just a quick note of congratulation with regard to www.stourbridge.com. As a business analyst working for a major ERP vendor I have an appreciation of the effort that has gone into the site. This is one of the best websites I have visited and will be one that I will return to in the future. I recently moved to Old Swinford having spent the majority of my life living in the West Bromwich/Birmingham areas and so found some of the background information very informative. Once again congratulations on a job well done, long may it continue.
Martin Rebetje

Dear Madam / Sir, could you please suggest an hotel in Stourbridge? (3 stars) Many thanks in advance Kind regards, Barbara Bonacina ERA srl (Italy)
We would be interested in receiving more details on accommodation in Stourbridge itself. Is there any way I can access a list of bed and breakfasts, hotels etc in the town? Amparo Gil (Spain)
I am from America and looking to travel to your fine city to meet some friends i have meet there. i would like to know more about your shopping and rests, and looking for on line info if possible or any information that may be sent to me . thank u very much for your time looking forward to hearing from u. Robert Tegels Omaha, Nebraska usa

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