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Stourbridge Carnival - 6th July 2014 Stourbridge is a Fairtrade town
Frank Foley, the "Stourbridge Schindler

Ernest Stevens, industrialist and benefactor

Welcome to Stourbridge.com, your internet guide to this historic town in the English West Midlands. Stourbridge is famous for its Glass industry and the Stourbridge Lion locomotive, the first train to run in the USA in 1829. Stourbridge is a great place to live in and visit as well, with parks and pleasant suburbs. Situated on the edge of the area known as the "Black Country" and less than fifteen miles from Birmingham, Stourbridge has lovely countryside nearby, with villages such as Kinver, Churchill, Belbroughton and Clent just a few minutes drive away. Also, the Stourbridge Canal offers great walks or bike rides. Yet Stourbridge is both industrial and rural, and this contributes to its unique character. Stourbridge town centre features many well preserved buildings and interesting specialist shops, while great pubs and restaurants make the town well worth a visit.

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