Messages of support from the Year 6 children of Beauty Bank Primary School, (age 10 - 11):

Dear sir/madam

I think the old foundry shouldn’t be knocked down. My first reason for not wanting the old foundry to be knocked down is it is an important piece of Stourbridge memory that you can pass down from generations.

My second reason for wanting to save the old foundry is that it can be restored and made into a museum for people to learn and discover new things about the old foundry and Stourbridge lion.

Me next reason is it’s been standing for over 200 years and it’s not worth it being knocked down for a block of flats as people in America are celebrating the 175th anniversary of the Stourbridge lion.

On the other hand people might think it is a waste of time and it could be dangerous and people might prefer flats.

Last of all, I strongly think it could be made and restored into a museum for people to learn about the Stourbridge Lion.

Yours faithfully, Adam crumpton, Year 6
Dear sir/madam

I have been wishing to persuade you that I think you should NOT knock down the old foundry.

My main reason is for this is that you should not be knocking down the old foundry because it holds a lot of memories
That can be passed on to a lot of grandchildren.

In my point of view the old foundry could be an important pieces of History for Stourbridge because it was there that the steam train in America was built.
The steam train was built in 1829 and was called,

I also think that if you knock down the old foundry that I hope you build it in to a museum so that children can learn about the old foundry.

from Ricky Hunt & Tasha Evans, Year 6
Dear Sir/Madam

I think you should not knock the old foundry down.

My main reason for not wanting the foundry to be knocked down is so it can be used as a museum about the Stourbridge lion. Children can have school trips to the foundry and learn about the Stourbridge lion.

My second reason is that the Stourbridge lion is an important piece of history because it was the first steam train to run in America in 1829.Itwas made in the old foundry, Stourbridge, that’s why it’s called the Stourbridge lion.

Further more there are lots of flats and there’s only one foundry and any way it’s a listed building which means you can not knock it down. If it stays standing it can be passed on for generations. In America the people are celebrating the 175th birthday of the Stourbridge lion.

On the other hand people might think it’s dangerous because the foundry could collapse and they think its better for it to be knocked down so there can be flats.

To sum up, if you knock it down you will knock away a memory. You’re making a big mistake.

Yours faithfully, Jonathan Scott Year 6

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