Who remembers The
Groove record shop?

Situated where Crown Passage joined New Road, sadly the shop was demolished to make room for the ring road. In the 1960s the Groove was run by a trendy couple, David & Carol Yeats, and it was THE place to go in Stourbridge to buy your records, thanks in part to the exceptional knowledge of the people who ran it.

Before taking over the Groove, David Yeats had previously been singer with The Sounds Of Blue, whose line-up had also included Stan Webb, Andy Silvester, Chris Wood, Christine Perfect, Phil Lawless, Roger Bruton and Rob Elcock, In later years, following the couple's divorce, David went on to International A&R for DJM, Pye, RCA and Warner Bros, while Carol became a teacher.

Dave Yates - owner of the Groove record shop in Stourbridge in the 60's
Email received from Andy Vance, 25 September 07:
Hi, I remember the Groove shop very well. I used to run a mobile disco in Stourbridge in the late 60's (Anyone remember Psychoteque? No? Oh well, never mind) and I used to get all my records from there. If I remember correctly, the owners name was along the lines of David Gates or Yeates, I remember I got him confused with the David Gates from Bread!!!!! His wife was the lady who was there in his absence. Hope this is of interest. Andy Vance
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