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Stourbridge Genealogy archive of messages - 2006

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Hi, I am trying to find any information on my Grandfather, Joseph William Tolley. The only information I have on him is the street name of which his parents lived, his father being called Joseph William Tolley I have no name for his mother, the address was 6 Rydex Road Stourbridge. I have searched maps and can not find any streets with this address. My Grand father Joseph William Tolley was born approx 1915 - 1916 I can not find any birth certificate for him and wondered if he was born abroad as his father served in the First World War. My grand father married on the 23 March 1940 to my grandmother Olive Millicent Allcock who lived at 8 Bruce Crescent Intake Doncaster. On their wedding certificate it stated Joseph William Tolley was in the army and was a Private R.A.V.C. (TRANSPORT LORRY DRIVER) PTE R.A.Y.C. 524800. If anyone has any information on my story I would be very grateful, Thank you Jane Bentham. (Rec'd 31 Dec 06)

I am researching my family history and my great grandmother, taken from her birth certificate, is Hannah Preece born 4 April 1838 Carelys Green, Registration District Stourbridge. Parents are John Preece and Mary Jones I have John Preece and Mary Jones marring on 4 Sep 1826 Oldswinford and maybe a first child Joseph Preece born 12 Oct 1828 Oldswinford On the 1871 census Hannah (Preece) SAYERS states that she was born in Kinsham There is also a Charles Preece (border). Does anyone out there have a link to this family?
I would be grateful for any information.
Merilyn Gault in a very dry Australia (rec'd 16 Dec 06)

My grandfather, Henry Taylor b. April 1900, his registered address at time of birth was 6 Talbot Street, Stourbridge. His mother was Mary Jane Taylor, and he had a brother and sister called john and Annie. In the 1901 census, at the above address was a Harry Taylor and his family. My grandfather's birth certificate shows no registered father, but on his wedding certificate to Edith May Mobberley in 1930, his father is listed as Harry Taylor. Does anyone have any links to this family at all?
Reginald Taylor (rec'd 11 Dec 06)

GREETINGS FROM CANADA. I'd love to hear from anyone who knows ANYTHING about my deceased grandparents William Taylor and Mary Jane (Parry) Taylor formerly of 1 Bromley Street in Lye. Both were born in the late 1890s. William worked as a tradesman with Lloyd Loom, and Mary Jane owned and operated a drapery and textile shop which she ran from her home at 1 Bromley Street. They had two children, Marjorie and Byron, both recently deceased during Christmas 2003. I would love to know more about William and Mary
Jane's lives as well as who their parents and siblings were. I believe that William was raised by a relative at 6 Bromley Street. Please e-mail me at [email protected] with ANY information you might have.
(rec'd 10 Dec 06)

I am researching my family history and came across your site, I found my grandfather Charles Parker came from Stourbridge that was in the 1881 census his Father's name was Alfred they came from No 16 Round Court Stourbridge Can you help Thank you
J Parker [email protected] (rec'd 7 Dec 06)

Hi: I live in western Canada and am researching Sarah Taylor.
The 1891 census gives her birthplace as Stourbridge but in every census, 41-91, she was living in the Isle of Man. She died in 1894 when her age was recorded at burial as 84 years. She married James Shaw Adie on the Island in 1842. His Will indicates her middle name may have been Caley. (rec'd 27 Nov 06)
www.lawsons.ca Email: [email protected]

I am trying to trace my father's ancestors, the Courtney. I have discovered that his great granfather, William was a tailor, living at 10 Lion St in 1881 with his wife Mary ( formily Beard ) and two son's Isaac and Ernest and a granddaughter, Jessie Addis aged 7. William was a tailor but research has shown that two of his son's became glassblowers and his eldest son, my greatgrandfather went into service and eventually became a Butler. What I really would like to know is was there a decline in the tailoring trade by the end of the 19 C in Stourbridge? William and Mary and son Ernest all died in 1885/6. and I can find no further trace of granddaughter Jessie. Was there an epidemic of any kind in the area about that date? William's father, also William, was born in Burford, Shropshire. I have been able to find two brothers, Charles and Thomas. Thomas was also a tailor living in Linridge in 1841. I would be grateful for any information about any of these or other Courtney's. Thank you..
Catherine Green, formerly Courtney (rec'd 9th Nov 06)

I am researching my family tree and think I have relatives who were in the Stourbridge Union Workhouse according to the 1881 census. They were in without their parents as far as I can see. The names were Shadrach & Meshach Fisher. I know that Shadrach married a Welsh girl & lived there with my great grandfather, but I can find no
birth or death records regarding Meshach. Can anyone at all help? Either with where to go to try to find the relevant records about these boys (they were only 7 & 8 yrs old), or why they would be in the workhouse without their parents, or just anything really.
many thanks Debi Hill [email protected] (rec'd 8 Nov 06)

I am looking for information re the Beasley family who came from Stourbridge .William Beasley married Alice Hope in 1904.They has three children one was my mother called Alice there was a boy called William Thomas born 1908 who I believe became a School teacher and another child who was a girl I do not know her name.
regards Sally - email [email protected] (rec'd 20 Oct 06)

Hello, my name is Alice Holmes and I am looking for information about my great grandfather, James Ellis, who was born in Stourbridge in about 1886 and who lived at 28 Bright Street at the time of the 1901 census. His parents were John Ellis, a glassmaker, and his wife Jane - he had two brothers, Charles and Alfred, and a sister, Martha. By the time he was twenty James was a master baker living in Coventry, where he married my great grandmother Alice Warner in about 1906. The marriage broke up in I think the early 1920s. James seems to have disappeared from view after that, although there is a family rumour that he went to America. There is also talk of him owning a bakery in Bubbenhall. If anyone knows anything, however small, about any of the above, I would be very pleased to hear it. I would be particularly happy to hear from any descendants of any of the above. Please contact me at [email protected]

I am tracing my family tree and I would like information about my grandfather Albert Robert Brettle born around 1889 April 23th married Sarah Jane Askins. If anyone as information please contact me. Janine Willetts

I am from N S W Australia and have just discovered your Stourbridge Web Page, Firstly, congratulations on the history of Glass Making. We are descendants of the Henzy & Brettell family and have struck a brick wall. would you mind if I could add to your Genealogy page please in the hope some one may be able to help one. Benjamin Brettell marr.Elizabeth Jeavons at Clent 3.2 1763 I am trying to find his parents or any other Brettell family that may be connected. Benjamin inherited from his nephew Jeremiah Brettell his " Moors" coal mine that was in Brettell Lane once known as "Hawbrush".1774, we do hold many old wills and are happy to share what we have researched.
KIND REGARDS Kath Connors New South Wales Australia

I am trying to find some information about William H Attwood (known I think as Harry Attwood) who owned a tailors shop in High Street, Kingswinford / Brierley Hill . His father Benjamin was also a tailor and his brother (also Benjamin) was a bootmaker. Any information please e mail [email protected] (rec'd 30 July 06)

I have a possible ancestor Richard EVERS. He married Eleanor Dancer at Old Swinford 31st January 1803 but I cannot find a birth or baptism for him anywhere, has anyone else got him on their Tree? I descend from Samuel Evers, son of Henry Evers & Elizabeth Parkes, who leaves money in his Will to his ‘sister Sarah, widow of Dr George Gayley.’ I have the baptisms of eleven brothers and sisters for Samuel, but no Sarah! Did Henry marry again? I have only just found this wonderful site, can’t praise it enough. ( Jenny and I are now corresponding.) [email protected] (rec'd 19 June06)

My husband is a direct descendant of Joseph Bramah Cochrane who lived at Pedmore Hall from the late 1860's till his death on 1908 and his daughter Margaret (Peggy) lived there until her death in 1954. Joseph's wife was Alice Evers Swindell, daughter of Charles Evers Swindell of The Quarry, Pedmore and niece of James Ever Swindell of The Castle, Old Swinford. Joseph's father and mother were Alexander Brodie Cochrane Jnr. and Esther (Hughes) and they lived at Heath House, Stourbridge, which was later called Studley Court and eventually Mary Stevens Park and council offices. Joseph's eldest sister Mary, married James Swindell Evers Swindell (son of said James Evers Swindell) and in the 1880's they were living at Clent House in Clent.

The Evers / Evers Swindells were originally from Cradely where James and Charles's father, Samuel Evers owned chainmaking and brickmaking works and collieries. The Cochrane wealth came from Woodside Ironworks near Netherton and further ironworks and collieries in the Northeast. All in all, the 2 families were very big cheeses in the Stourbridge area from about 1840 until the early 20th century. I have a photo of the Joseph Bramah Cochrane's Pedmore Hall and a poor one of Heath House (Council offices, Mary Stevens Park), but am looking for better photos and information on Clent House (now demolished) and The Castle and The Quarry. Also of the Woodside Works. I have obituaries for Joseph Cochrane, his brother Charles, but I would be interested in any other information on the family and their businesses. hoping you can help
Jenny Cochrane (rec'd 20th April 06)

Looking for help!!! Anybody who knows the Pearman family living in Stourbridge?My great great granfather was Thomas born in Clent c1813 Sarah his wife born in Stourbridge c1817 they have 7 children John- Henry & Thomas all went to London. Sarah-Victora-Anne-Martha stayed in the area i belive.I would love any info however small.It would be great to find where they were buried and find any relatives.Please contact me Sharon Cattermoul nee Pearman by e-mail [email protected] (Dorset UK) Look forward to hearing from you. (Rec'd 15th April 06)

Looking for information on Catharine Augusta Pemberton Marsh (1798-1873) who resided as head of household on Market Street, Stourbridge, with her two daughters Ann Murray and Julia Augusta Marsh (1851,1861 census). She was a visitor in her son-in-law's house, Samual James and Julia Augusta Marsh James, in 1871, before she died. We are particularly interested in a monument for Catharine and her two daughters, Catharine's will, as well information on surviving descendents. We are descended from a son, Thomas Atton Pemberton Marsh, who Catharine left behind and disinherited in the U.S. when she returned to England after two American marriages. Contact Shannon Marsh Griggs and Louisa Hayes at sgriggs @otelco.net to share information on this family. (Rec'd 20 Mar 06)

Hello, Looking for help! I know that two of my great grandparents children, aged 1 & 2 years died in the march quarter of 1882 as follows:
March Quarter 1882
SADLER Edward aged 1 Stourbridge Volume 6c Page 107
SADLER Phoebe aged 2 Stourbridge Volume 6c Page 109
Can anyone please help me with a place of burial, date or a monumental inscription, and I am assuming they would have been buried locally even though there parent were canalboat people. Thankyou in nticipation. Mike [email protected] (rec'd 6th Mar 06)

My ancestor (Thomas Campbell) was a coachman/servant at The Quarry, Pedmore, about 1831 (he was married in Oldswinford Church in 1818). It seems that the Roberts family then occupied The Quarry (Quarry House?). Does anyone know of this family or what records might exist of my ancestor's employment? We do not know where Thomas originated. Did he come from Scotland, where I now live? Steuart Campbell ([email protected]).

On 8 October, 1689, Ambrose Crowley, who had leased the land to Friends (also called Quakers) for a peppercorn rent, certified with a group of fellow Quakers "that the houses and buildings following are set apart for public worship viz newly erected edifice in Stourbridge containing three bays within a certain yard walled in". This yard, now an attractive garden, was originally the burying ground for the Meeting. Three hundred years later to the day, the Revd Brian Crowley, a descendant of Ambrose, planted a tree in the garden and was presented with 300 peppercorns for the (probably) outstanding rent. I represent USA Crowley descendents and we would like to connect with Rev Crowley if he is still alive.
Thank you!! Susan Crowley Minnesota USA

American Baker cousins searching for British relatives. We are
searching for BAKER descendants whose families resided or still reside in Stourbridge (was Old Swinford), England. Records of St.Mary's church show a number of marriages and births for the BAKER surname. We know of at least one immigrant who came to America in the 1730 time period whose parents were William Baker b 1687 who married Elizabeth Rogers 6 May 1705 at St. Mary's, Old Swinford, Worcester, England. Who were Williams siblings and cousins? Please contact Meredith Rond [email protected] to exchange information with our family.
Thank you, Maggie Wiegand (Rec'd 12 Oct 05)

I am interested in any info relevant to the Broad family who lived in the Stourbridge/ Kingswinfrord area from around 1840 to 1880’s. Also info on socio-economic conditions of Birch Corner or California area of Kingswingford 1840-80’s. Anything really! My great-great-great grandfather. Richard Broad. Born in 1816 in London or Dodnan, Worc? On the 6th March 1842, married Elizabeth Phillips in the parish church, Dudley, Worcester. Both were resident in Kingwinford, he is a blacksmith or labourer.
1851 census he has 5 children and is living at Birch Corner, Kingswinford.
Kevin Broad. [email protected] (rec'd 4 July 05)

Hi, my name is Sue Clarke and my great-greatgrandfather was Samuel Foxall - married to Sarah Elen Haddock. I am compiling a family tree - are there any descendents out there are Samuel and Sarah. PS. I have the family bible of Samuel and Sarah should anybody be interested in its contents. I can be contacted on [email protected], Many thanks (rec'd 17 June 05) PLEASE SEE BELOW

Would anyone have any information regarding my great grandfather, John David Martin. He lived at The Firs, Cobden Street, Wollaston in 1898 (he died in December of that year) with his wife Annie (nee Baggott). They had a daughter Gladys May who was born in Lower Hagley 1894 and an infant son who died in 1893. I know that both John and Annie are buried in Stourbridge Cemetry and that he was a solicitor/solicitors clerk. I can find no trace of their marriage and it may be that he was married previously. Any information would be gratefully received as I am now stuck! (Rec'd 8 May 05)

Hello, I am trying to find information out about my great great grandfather, William Clulee. He was born abt. 1828 in Romsley, Worcs. and died in April 1891 at The Laurels, Love Lane, Stourbridge. He was married to Sara Ann Weston (born abt 1828 in Stourbridge). They were married Dec 26th at Amblecote Chapel, Oldswinford. She also died in Stourbridge. I am interested to see if anyone has any information on the location of their house or the church they were married at. I am in the process of building my family tree, and William is as far back as I have at the moment. I would love to find out who his parents were and if he had any siblings, also if there are any old pictures of "The Laurels", on Love Lane or Amblecote Chapel.Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Kindest Regards Deborah Austin (nee Clulee) (rec'd 28th Apr 05)

Hi, I'm trying to find information about a relative of mine (or his
decendants), John While,who was born in 1769 in Guide Bridge,
Manchester, and died in 1849 in Stourbridge (does the name "Deal Glass House" or something similar mean anything to anyone?). By trade he was a blacksmith. He was married to Elizabeth (who moved at some point to Ebbw Vale) and had 7 children - John, Jesse, Julia, Sophia, Benjamin, Margaret and Eliza.
Please email me at - [email protected] (rec'd 3rd April 05)

Hi, just come across your website. My maternal aunt and uncle had a home called 'The Chase' in Pedmere, around 1912. They were Benjamin Willetts and Evelyn Adshead. Evelyn nee Hancock was sister to my grandmother Florence Maud (Hancock) Jones. Florence died at age thirty in 1900, and somehow contact was lost with the family. However my mother used to tell me about her visits to the'Chase' when she was a child. She told of two cousins, Harry and Evelyn (Effie). Evelyn is a family name, although mine is spelt 'Eveline.'There were two Hancock brothers, Percy Biddulph Hancock and Benjamin Orlando Hancock. Can anyone help with info about this family. A picture of 'The Chase' would be nice. Thanks, Eveline Shore (Rec'd 21st March 05)

HERE'S SOME FEEDBACK FROM EVELINE: Just thought you would like to know about my success on your web site. I put in a request for info about 'The Chase' and family there in Pedmere early in the 1900s. I have received Emails from a lady in Canada who has supplied a lot of info about my late mother's uncle, Percy Biddulph Hancock. we are in contact sharing photos etc. Thank You so much, Sincerely Eveline Shore

I am working on my family tree on my mothers side and have hit a brick wall. I have a Frederick William Fleming born in Stourbridge Worcester in 1859. His father was called William Fleming and was a Law Writer and was deceased by the time Frederick got married in 1888. (I have a copy of Fredericks marriage certificate) Have you got access to the census records of 1861 to look for William Fleming and his household. Please is there someone that can help me with this. I look forward to a reply and thank you in advance Joanne Christie (Rec'd 20 March 05)

I'm trying to find information on James Eggington who married Elizabeth Jarrett about1820 she was born in Brettel Lane as where four children. James was born in Runcorn Cheshire in 1797 the next ref is on the 1841 Birmingham census any help with the missing years would be appreciated. Regards Brian Smith (Rec'd 17 Feb 05)

I am trying to trace any information about John Martin W Gough born Brierley Hill in 1880. His birth was registered in the Stourbridge district in the April to June register for that year. John married a Florence May Stockall born 1887. Her birth was registered in the Worcester district in the April to June register of that year. Any information anyone might be able to share would be most welcome. Martin Gough Telephone: Mobile (+44) 7811 359363
Email: mailto:[email protected]

I am trying to find out what happend to the Yates Family after the 1901 Census. They are listed as living at 11 Bridgenorth Road, Wollaston. The family members are: Thomas YATES(age 50 at time of census), Rhoda Yates nee Elcock (age 51), Ernest Yates (age 26, occuption Iron Roller) Robert Yates (age 21 occupation Grocers manager) Harriet Yates (age 19 occupation General Servant) Sarah A Yates (age 17) and finally Richard Yates who is my husband's grandfather - he went to Canada in 1903 with his wife Laura Mabel Bourne. Any information or Photos would be much appreciated. Thank you Jean Alker (rec'd 24 Jan 05)

I am researching my g g grandfather Alfred Wall b1834 in Stourport. Some of his children were born in Wollaston, Stourbridge and he subsequently moved to South Wales. I have him living in Holt aged 18 in 1851 but he has left home at this point and so I have been unable to trace his parents. Are you a Wall living in Stourbridge ? I would love to hear from anyone who has Alfred in their tree and will happily share info.
Regards wendy (rec'd 31 Dec 04)

Hi, my name is Jean Roberts and I have been looking back into my ancestry. My father was named Bishop, and I have traced his family back to the Stourbridge area. In 1881 my gr gr Grandfather Earnest lived at `Pensnett Yd to Brockmoor Bridge with his wife Agnes his son Alfred and a visitor (glassblower) named Tom Perkins. Earnest was a glassmaker who employed 2 Boys. Thankfully the trade lived on in my family when they moved to Burnley and eventually Bolton. I was wondering if you had any records of the business in Stourbridge, although I realise that there must have been many small businesses in the glass industry at the time. Many thanks Jean Roberts (14 Nov 04)

I'm doing some family history and trying to find information on my
grandmother Emma Louisa Wakeman (1875) and her sister Mary Elizabeth (1870) later known as Wilhamina who were born in Stourbridge. Their mother was Sarah Anne.Their father Thomas Henry Wakeman farmed a small landholding I believe. In the 1901 census there is no mention of the father but the rest of the family, 2 sons Thomas Henry and William Charles and 3 daughters Florence, Emma and Mary lived at 102 High Street. My grandmother married my grandfather John Alphonsous O'Dea in Adelaide Australia in 1912. Her sister married twice first to a West her son Geoffrey West was born in 1906 and went to the Kings School in Worcester and they then lived on the London Road? She then married George Loach/Louch who was a local mayor (we think Birmingham). She also moved to Adelaide as did Geoff but I have no other details.
Any information would be appreciated. My email is [email protected]. Cheers Prue Lofay (Rec'd 6 Nov 04)

My name is Merilyn Gault and I live in Canberra the Capital of Australia. I am looking for Hannah PREECE who was born 4 April 1838 Carleys Green (Careless Green?), Stourbridge and her family. I think her parents were John PREECE and Mary JONES who married 4 Sep 1826 Oldswinford. Worcester. I would love to hear from anyone in the area who might be looking for this PREECE family or maybe her married name of SAYERS. I thank you for any snippet of information. [email protected]

My grandfather’s eldest brother, Albert Williams, married a girl called Nellie Barker born in Wosters? Nosters? Hosters? Stourbridge. Is there an area of that or a similar name? (Worcester Street?). They lived in Aston, Birmingham and Nellie’s sister Emily Barker, aged 20 in 1901, lived with them at that time. If anyone knows anything about this family I would love to hear from them.
Thank you .Mary Brown

My name is Shawn Powell, I've been reseaching my ancestors for sometime now.....I have found that my 3rd great grandfather was from stourbridge. I was just wondering if you could help me with a couple of things.....
1- I was just wondering your library in town had an email address.....and if it does could i have it.
2- Do you know of any places in town that i could talk to about past butchers. and if you had any info that could help me would be great. (From Canada, Rec'd 28 Sep 04)

Charles BLOUNT was born 30th May 1655 Oldswinford and had two children - Elizabeth Blount christened 20th March 1686, and Peter Blount christened 3rd March 1687/88. I think this is the Peter Blount who became a clockmaker in Cleobury Mortimer after serving an apprenticeship with Edward Willcocks/Willcox the Clockmaker of Old Swinford.Edward Willcox was christened 19th November 1662 at Old Swinford. In 1715 he was 'convicted of swearing two oaths and paid four shillings to the Poor Box and sat in the stocks two hours, being his first conviction'. He took Joseph Lyddell as an apprentice in 1730. I estimate he took Peter Blount as apprentice about 1702.I would be interested in any references to the Blount or Willcox family in Stourbridge or environs, and especially to hear from direct descendants of either of these families.
Peter Blount is my 5xggf. Cyril D. Blount email: [email protected] (Rec'd 31st May 04)

I am trying to locate records and information on one of my relatives who was killed in action in France in 1916. His name was William Henry Wassell, he may have been known as Henry Wassell or Bill Wassell. He was born in 1880. It is my understanding that the building housing these solders records was destroyed in WWII, however, if you could offer any help in locating information, I would greatly appreciate it. Michael William Wassell (Rec'd 14 May 04)

Hi, I just came across your website while searching for my heritage. My name is Robert (Bob) Rowe and I have traced my family back to your village...I believe!! My Great Grandfather, John Rowe, came to America with his family about 1881. He was a glass cutter and settled in Corning, New York and worked for the Corning Glass Works. His son (my grandfather, John Rowe) also worked for the glass works. My Greatgrandfather died in Corning in 1916. His obiturary stated that he was the son of Joseph Rowe from Stoubridge, England but I believe they meant Stourbridge as your community is known for its glassworks. My Greatgrandfather was born in Stourbridge in 1850 and my Grandfather was born in Birmingham in 1878. I would love to hear from anyone that may be related or may have known this Rowe family. I also hope to visit your lovely village one of these days. I've seen pictures on the internet and am very impressed. Your website is great and very user friendly. Keep up the good work. You can e-mail me at: [email protected] (Rec'd 11 May 04)

GREETINGS FROM CANADA. I'd love to hear from anyone who knows ANYTHING about my deceased grandparents William Taylor and Mary Jane (Parry) Taylor formerly of 1 Bromley Street in Lye. Both were born in the late 1890s. William worked as a tradesman with Lloyd Loom, and Mary Jane owned and operated a drapery and textile shop which she ran from her home at 1 Bromley Street. They had two children, Marjorie and Byron, both recently deceased during Christmas 2003. I would love to know more about William and Mary Jane's lives as well as who their parents and siblings were. I believe that William was raised by a relative at 6 Bromley Street. Please e-mail me at [email protected] with ANY information you might have. (Rec'd 7 Mar 04)

Hi, what a great web site! Very informative and easy to browse. I came across Stourbridge while trying to find the marriage of my Gt Gt Grandparents on the site 1837.online. I have discovered they married in Stourbridge, in 1859, but I don’t know where (yet). Their names were John Harris (possibly son of John and Sarah Harris), Christened 21st Jan 1834, and Jane Harrop (possibly daughter of John and Jane Harrop), Christened 4th March 1838. Their names were not uncommon and so it makes them incredibly difficult to trace. They had six children, possibly more. First born was John, but he was born before his parents married, and so was known as John Harris Harrop, born 1858. Then came Sarah Harris, born 1860, followed by Rosanna (b1863), Constantine (1867), William (1869) and Egbert (1873). The whole family moved to Worksop, Nottingham around 1868, and they are listed on the 1871 census at 15 Sandy Lane. Apparently, Egbert went on to be the Mayor of Worksop. I have not found any information on the older girls. Does anyone know what happened to them? Is anyone else searching for these ancestors.I would love to hear from anyone with connections. Liz
Please e-mail on [email protected]. (Rec'd 26th April 04)

My grandparents FRANCIS and MARTHA ELIZABETH SMITH (RICHARDS) travelled to Victoria, British Columbia Canada in 1890 returning to Wollaston in 1897.
I am interested in finding any descendents of my grandfather's brothers - my granduncles, who were, JOHN; EDWARD; RICHARD; GEORGE HARRY and WILLIAM SIDNEY SMITH. They were the male children of EDWARD and MARY ANN SMITH (PHILLIPS/HEATHCOCK). EDWARD was an "Engine Fitter" by trade. I would of course send a copy of the "family tree" to any relatives. Francis E Smith at - [email protected] in Alberta, Canada.

I was wondering if you have any information on a William Stokes of Stourbridge, a clockmaker working in the 18th Century, or If you know of any books about him. - Jeremy Stringfellow (Dec 03)

Thanks for the interesting WEB pages. I'm tracking down my family history and have a record of my great, great grandfather, Amos Assinder, a baker and brewer formerly employed at Stoneleigh Abbey, running/working in the Star and Garter pub around the end of the
19th/start of the 20th century. I was intrigued by the picture of the pub on your site - does anyone have an exact date and/or know who the people are in the picture? Does anyone have a record of names associated with the Star and Garter? Any help would be greatly appreciated and if this could be posted on your genealogy page I'd be most grateful. E-mail me at [email protected]. Thanks, David Assinder (rec'd 3 Nov 03)

Good Morning from New Zealand. Could someone please post a message for any information on the Howell and Barrett (Barrett) families pre 1881. Replies to [email protected] would
be very much appreciated. Thank You Eric Constantine (rec'd 30 Oct 03)

Hi, my name is Arn Weirman, I live in the Australian state of Queensland in the Gulf of Carpentaria, at a place called Croydon. I am trying to trace family in Stourbridge, Amblecote who came to Australia. His name was Edward Thaddeus Green, he was born in 1855. His father was Edward Michael Green, his mother was Elizabeth Green formerly Egginton, he was a master shoemaker at Coalbournbrook Amblecote the house 49 and he had a brother, his name was Thomas Green. That's all I know, I don't know if he died there. If you can find any info it will be a big help, thank you sincerly,
Arn Weirman my email is [email protected] (rec'd 10 July 03)

I came across your genealogy page while researching my family history. My name is David Hall I am the eldest son of Fred Hall born in Colley Gate in 1931and Majorie Jones of Halesowen born in 1932. My grandfather was Albert Edward "Ted" Hall a carpenter married to Mary nee Davis also
of Colley Gate. Teds' father was Eli Hall from Woolascote, whos profession is Listed as a Foscog Maker. I have no idea what a Foscog is so if anyone can help I would be grateful. I am also looking for information on Mary's parents. Thomas Davis was a Blacksmith in Colley Gate but I have no idea who his wife was. They had four daughters Martha Louise "Pat" who maried William Buffrey, Lucy a nurse who died in her early twenties, Mary who was a seamstress and later also a nurse at All Saints Psychiatric Hospital in Birmingham, and Lillian who married Arthur Edgington. They lived in Birmingham before moving to Telford. If anyone reading this has any information that might help with further research into my great grandparents lives, I would love to hear from them. Especially any surviving members of the 'Broad' Family, some of whom I believe still live in the area.
Thanks for your Help, I can be contacted at [email protected]

Good Morning from New Brunswick, Canada ! My name is John Stevens. I am sending you a photo in hopes that others in Stourbridge might have more old photos. My family came from Stourbridge. My grand-mother was Joan Drew, her parents were Birt Drew and Patty May Carter. The photo I am sending is of the Carter family store in High Street Stourbridge, No. 32a.
Please email me at [email protected]
(Received 13 July 02)

Hello my name is Shawn, I live in canada and i'm looking for information on my family. I've got as far back as my great great grandfather Henry Powell, who lived in Stourbridge. I was hoping that you could help me out. I was wondering if you had any info on Henry Powell, I have a census from 1881 that says he lived at 128 high street. With he's wife Hannah and his kid's William, Mary, Emily, and Eliza. There was also a grandson named George. If you have any info on this family it would be a big help. (Rec'd 11 July 02) - Email Shawn

I am researching my family tree and I wondered where I could get information about the schools in Stourbridge during the 1830's.were the schools run by the churches or by the government? The name I am researching is Darcy. Thank you for any help you may give me. Mary Heppell Perth Australia (received 5th Jan 2002)

Hello, I've been starting some research into my father's side of the family and have learned that my grandfather, Frank Bateman Scott, born in 1901, lived in Stourbridge. I'm hoping to find people who are also doing genealogical research who may have uncovered this name in their digging. Any info would be appreciated.Also, would you happen to know of a contact address or website for the Middlemore home for children. My Grandfather was a home child from the Middlemore home and I was wondering if there were any records that I could get copied, etc.
My email is: [email protected]. Thanks, Stacy Paterson, Ontario, Canada

I'm Mark Scott, tracing my SCOTT family ancestors in Stourbridge. In particular George Scott (1769-1842), and Francis Scott (1799-1863), bricklayers who built houses in Worcester Street, Church Street (maybe even the Old Crispin) and elsewhere. Looking for any info on the families or their buildings. My family tree home pages at (address no longer valid) (follow links to Francis and George Scott) include info on other Stourbridge families. Or contact me at [email protected]

Can you put an appeal out for me please about my great Grandfather Alexander Muir Hyslop, he was born in Ayr in 1886 son of a Cabinet maker. He moved here to Stourbridge in 1911/12 with my great grandmother Evelyn and their eldest son my grandfather Alexander Mackay Hyslop, their daughter Isobel Mary Hyslop was born in 1912 in Brierly Hill. My g/grandfather was the pianist at the "Kings Hall" in Stourbridge, during the silent movie days Sadly around 1930/40 nobody knows what happened to him, he left my gt grandmother but nobody knows where he went to. (You might remember a little house across birmingham street just past the turning for Stamford rd,on the left if you are traveling towards Lye, its since been demolished, but my gt grandmother used to live there after my gt grandfather had left.) If you have any info on the Kings Hall it would be much appreciated as ive looked in all the "Stourbridge" books but cannot find any photos or information on it. regards Claire Jewkes

From New Zealand - My grandfather Thomas Southall, came from Stourbridge to NZ 1899. I am busy researching him and his family. I would love to purchase the book and could you advise me of any others available?(historical) I have heard of "Stourbridge old and new"
by GH Goodyear. is it still around? Many thanks for your help, John Southall

I am researching my family tree and have some difficulties due to my being 3000 miles away in New York. I am trying to locate my Gibbons family line from Stourbridge. If any reader recognizes any of the following Gibbons as their own line or can help in any way, please email me at [email protected]. Mary Gibbons, born abt. 1835 (unknown maiden name, place of birth possibly Ireland), husnad's first name unkown. Their children: John, born abt. 1856; Edward, born abt. 1861; Julia Winafred, my great-grandmother, born abt. 1863, (emigrated to Queens County, New York in abt. 1882, where she married Thomas Ambrose Hill, originally from Kidderminster, born abt. 1866, had 10 children); Sarah, born abt. 1866; Michel, born abt. 1868. These are five of Mary and John's seven children. I don't know the names of the other two. Mary lived well into her 90s, dying peacefully around 1925.
Thanks for your time! Val Hill, New York, USA - received 21 Feb 02

I am researching my family tree and I wondered where I could get information about the schools in Stourbridge during the 1830's.were the schools run by the churches or by the government? The name I am researching is Darcy. Thank you for any help you may give me.
Mary Heppell Perth Australia email: [email protected]

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