Red House Glass Cone, wordsley, Stourbridge

The Stourbridge Glass Industry - see also Stourbridge Glass tour

For centuries glass has been manufactured in the Stourbridge area, reputedly started in the 17th century by French glassmakers from the Lorraine region. They were attracted to the area by the rich natural resources of coal and fireclay for lining furnaces, making it the perfect location for the industry. Stourbridge Glass is recognised as amongst the finest in the world and has been used countless times as gifts for royalty and visiting dignitaries to the UK. Please follow the links below for localglass museums, attractions and services.


Red House Glass Cone Museum The Redhouse Cone Glassworks Museum Glassworks Experience
Reputedly the last remaining glassmaking cone in the world, discover the story of glassmaking as you follow the cool of the final blown glass to the heat of 1250 degrees C at the recently restored Redhouse Cone, the only complete cone left standing in the world.

Make a day out of it - get to the Red House Cone by canal boat! (booking strongly advised). Photos of the Red House Cone Museum
Red House Glass Cone Creative Cone The Ruskin Glass Centre, Amblecote, Stourbridge The Ruskin Glass Centre is situated in Amblecote, at the heart of Stourbridge’s historic Glass Quarter. Formerly the factory for Royal Doulton, the site now provides workshops for a thriving community of craftspeople in both traditional and contemporary glassmaking, together with other crafts. Visitors can see the whole glassmaking process from start to finish, including blowing, cutting, kiln work, stained glass and lamp work. Many items are for sale and there is a coffee shop, serving organic food. It is also home to Glasshouse Arts Centre and Studio Theatre. See Stourbridge Glass tour Stourbridge Glass QuarterStourbridge Glass Quarter Click here for GLASS CUTS, the Journal of the British Glass Foundation