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Stourbridge Town Hall

Stourbridge Town Hall

What an absolute gem the Town Hall is! It dominates the skyline like no other building in Stourbridge. It was built on the site of the former corn exchange to celebrate Queen Victoria's Jubilee and was opened in 1887 by Lord Beauchamp (Lord Lieutenant of Worcestershire). The town hall was paid for by public subscription and cost £5000 to build! The Town Hall has hosted many productions and exhibitions over the years but many local people have particularly fond memories of the "Big Beat" sessions in the 1960's, promoted by Freddie Bannister, who in later years went on to promote major festivals such as Knebworth. I remember as a teenager seeing the Who, just a few feet in front of me, it cost 4 shillings and sixpence - 22.5p in today's money! Other major bands that performed at the Town Hall included Cream, Moody Blues, Spencer Davis Group, The Smallfaces and many more, see Youtube videos below.

Stourbridge.com was fortunate to be given a behind the scenes tour of the Town Hall on a very sunny 16th of November. special thanks to Dudley MBC Town Hall Operations Manager more info...

Stourbridge town Hall
Look below for some rock history! This was recently found in a loft - The Banned appeared on 10th July, 1965 at a guess, fronted by Robert Plant, who of course went on to greatness in Led Zepellin. I think the Revnicks were from Kinver (Kinver backwards!) If anybody has any information on the lesser known bands below please let us know

Can you remember the "BIG BEAT" dances on Wednesday evenings in the 60'S? I can! Some of the biggest names in pop music have performed at Stourbridge Town Hall and of course our local rock hero, Robert Plant, former front man of Led Zepellin. Bands included The Animals; Dave Clark Five; The Hollies; Hermans Hermits; The Who; Smallfaces; Yardbirds; Spencer Davis Group featuring Steve Winwood; Cream, Walker Brothers and the Nashville Teens just to name a few. Of all the bands I saw my favourite were the Smallfaces, who visited the Town Hall twice. They were extremely loud and Steve Marriot's voice had enormous power for such a little guy. All of the bands in the Youtube player below had performed at Stourbridge town hall in the 60's and they give you a good idea of what those exciting times were like. Videos were selected as representing the mid 60s.

60's Memories of the Town Hall

In the 60's it used to cost 4 shillings and sixpence to get in, 22.5p! They were organised by Freddy Bannister, who has written a book on the subject.

Notes left are from a Stourbridge 60's teenager, who sent it? let me know!

Supplied by Jayne Foster
Autographs of the Big 3, John Barrett's favourite band at the time!
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