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If you have never visited Stourbridge, your first impression may not be so great - the Ring Road is the first thing you are likely to see, but inside it is a wealth of fine architecture and over 150 shops - both chains and independents. But much of the charm of Stourbridge lies outside the town centre, with parks and suburbs with well kept houses, particularly in the Norton, Wollaston, Oldswinford areas, and the area known as the "Old Quarter".

Stourbridge is a historic town on the edge of the region known as the Black Country, a region of great industrial heritage. Stourbridge is to the west of this region, bordering on glorious countryside to the south and west. Stourbridge is world renowned for its glass industry, and the Stourbridge Lion, the first locomotive to run in the USA, at Honesdale. So for all things Stourbridge, this is the place!

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