Red House Glass Cone, wordsley, Stourbridge

Bunkers Hill Wood, Stourbridge

Bunkers Hill Wood is a beautiful stretch of woodland to the West of Stourbridge which incredibly has only been open to the public since 1996, when it was purchased by the Woodland Trust with help from the Heritage Lottery Fund. Walking around Bunkers Hill Wood you get the feeling that you are in the overgrown grounds of some delapidated stately home, but your'e not, it's just a small but highly atmospheric stretch of woodland right on the edge of the Norton suburbs to the west of Stourbridge. Click here for more information on Bunkers Hill Wood

This is an easy walk that can be carried out in little more than a couple of hours, starting from Mary Stevens park, although you can actually park right outside the woods if you prefer. Please note that cycling is unfortunately not allowed in the woods.

Photo 1 - Junction of Whittington Road with Norton Road, Stourbridge
Photo 2 - Westwood Avenue, Norton, Stourbridge

Photo3 - Winter sunset over Bunkers Hill Wood, Stourbridge
Photo 4 - Track running alongside Bunkers Hill Wood, leading to Whittington Lane
Photo 5 - Pathway running down the western side of Bunkers Hill Wood, Stourbridge
Photo 6 - Bluebell lined footpath in Bunkers Hill Wood, Stourbridge
Photo 7 - Stunning red rhododendron, Bunkers Hill wood, Stourbridge
Photo 8 - Stunning white rhododendron, Bunkers Hill Wood, Stourbridge
Photo 9 - In the depths of Bunkers Hill Wood, Stourbridge
Photo 10 - Clearing in centre of Bunkers Hill Wood
Photo 11 - Bunkers Hill Wood, Stourbridge
Photo 12 - Sugarloaf Lane, close to the tennis club
Photo 13 - Junction of Sugarloaf Lane, Roman Road and the Broadway,
Photo 14 - Roman Road, Norton, Stourbridge