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Stourbridge "A Fairtrade town"

In September 2010 Stourbridge was awarded “Fairtrade Town Status" by the National Fairtrade Foundation. This makes Stourbridge the first and to date the only Fairtrade town in the dudley Borough. Every 2 years Stourbridge Fairtrade in association with the Fairtrade Foundation agrees on an action plan which sets out further goals for promoting Fairtrade in and around the town. If the Fairtrade Foundation agrees that the goals have been met Stourbridge maintains its Fairtrade

Town status. In January 2014 we were delighted to hear that our recent application had been successful. We would like to thank Dudley Metropolitan Council who on July 16th 2007 passed a resolution to support the initiative to make Stourbridge a “Fairtrade Town”. In December 2013 DMBC passed an updated resolution supporting Fairtrade which aims to consolidate the commitment made in 2007 and to build on it for the future. Supporting Fairtrade can promote civic pride, benefit the local community and makes a real difference to the lives of producers.
We would also like to thank the local shops and catering outlets who offer at least 2 Fairtrade items to Stourbridge shoppers.
Finally a big thank you must go to the shoppers in Stourbridge who choose Fairtrade. On behalf of the farmers and producers in developing countries we hope that you continue to buy and ask for Fairtrade products when you shop, eat or drink in Stourbridge. The Fairtrade Logo on a product guarantees that the producer has received a Fair and Stable price which covers the cost of sustainable production. There are now over 4500 products certified as Fairtrade.

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Stourbridge - Proud to be a Fairtrade Town

Some of the shops in around Stourbridge stocking Fairtrade include:



Holland and Barrett


Stourbridge Health Food Store




Fair and Square

Some of Stourbridge's cafes and pubs offering Fairtrade:

Coffee Shop: 92 Hagley Road and Mary Stevens Park

Cafe at the Glasshouse Arts Centre, Amblecote

Ruskin Glass Centre Cafe, Amblecote

Mary Stevens Hospice Cafe

Greggs, High Street, Stourbridge

Vines Cafe, High Street, Stourbridge

Cafe at Sainsbury's Withymoor


Hannah Reed's blog

Latest News - February 2016

We have just resubmitted our application to the Fairtrade Foundation applying to retain our status as a Fairtrade Town. We are optimistic that our application will be successful.

Over the last year we have been involved in many events and activities, here are a few we hope you will enjoy reading about.

Last February we celebrated with the Sedgley Fairtrade Group their achievement in becoming a Fairtrade Town. There are now 2 Fairtrade towns in the Dudley Borough. We also worked alongside Sedgley promoting Fairtrade at the Armed forces day at Himley. Children (and adults) were invited to ice cupcakes with the Fairtrade colours and decorate them with Fairtrade sweets and chocolate. About 200 cupcakes were decorated.

Dudley Council held a Fairtrade coffee& cake morning in the Mayor’s Parlour during Fairtrade Fortnight. The Mayor was present and happily signed a “Fairtrade Pledge” to choose more Fairtrade items.

Margot James MP visited the Fairtrade display in the library and was presented with some Fairtrade tea, sugar and chocolate
On March 21st a Birthday Party celebrating 21 years of the ‘Fairtrade Mark’ took place at St. Thomas’ church hall. Guides, brownies, parents and friends enjoyed various Fairtrade games and activities as well as being shown the film “Fairtrade Matters”.

The Carnival theme “Stourbridge through the Ages” gave us an opportunity to create a “bunting timeline” highlighting high points for Fairtrade both locally and nationally.

The Mayors Annual Charity Football match was held in August. 3 Fairtrade footballs from Bala Sports were presented to the Mayor and Council Leader for future use and as a Raffle Prize at a later Mayoral Charity Cricket Match.


If you attended the Christmas Tree Festival at St. Thomas’s you may have spotted our Fairtrade Christmas tree. This year during Fairtrade Fortnight we are inviting you to join us to ‘sit down to breakfast, stand up for farmers’ and hope you will be able to come along- details above. Do you have a passion for Fairtrade? Would like to know more? If so, please contact Michaela Vallance – Secretary 07716293986 [email protected]
Or visit www.fairtrade.org.uk See our newsletter

In October 2013 Oldswinford Primary School gained Fairtrade school status – many congratulations! Along with St. James’s Primary School , Wollaston, we now have 2 Fairtrade schools in the Stourbridge area.

Also in 2013 two Fairtrade road signs were erected in Stourbridge, one at each end of the ring road. The Stourbridge Fairtrade Group would like to thank and acknowledge the help and support given by Dudley Metropolitan Council.

Fairtrade Fortnight 2014 24th Feb – 9th March. Look out for various displays around the town. On March 8th at St. Thomas’s church hall on Market St. we are hosting a free Fairtrade coffee and tea tasting between 10am – 12 mid-day. All welcome.

This year children at Stourbridge Primary schools are invited to take part in a banana competition. If you are between 4-11 years and wish to take part, simply create an A4 size banana shaped person, animal or object which reflects Fairtrade and bring it along to St. Thomas’s on March 8th. (see link for more details)

The Stourbridge Fairtrade Town Steering Group works throughout the year promoting the Fairtrade message and we have a presence at several local events. For further information please see our newsletter. This can now to be downloaded, or contact:

Virginia Williams Chair 07866171784 [email protected]

Michaela Vallance Secretary 07716293986 [email protected]

Or visit www.fairtrade.org.uk

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