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In search of the River Stour!

OK I will admit, it doesn't have quite the same ring to it as exploring the Amazon or finding the source of the Nile, but it's the best we can do in Stourbridge! It has to be said that the river that gave its name to the town does have a bit of an image problem, first of all, it's only about 25 miles from its source, to where it finally flows into the UK's largest river, the Severn. Secondly, two hundred years of the heaviest industry have taken a dreadful toll on the Stour as it winds through the Black Country regions of Halesowen, Cradley, Lye and then on to Stourbridge. In days gone by levels of pollution were legendary, as the river was a major waste disposal unit for factories in a time when no-one considered the environmental impact.

But this story does have a happy ending, the water quality has improved tremendously over the past few years, so much so that apparently there are now Trout in the river and young salmon have been seen in the Stour at Kidderminster!

Great new book by local photographer Graham Beckley

Our Stour by Graham Beckley
Downstream from Stourbridge
Bonded Warehouse, Stourbridge
Wordsley Aqueduct
Remains of old mill, Wordsley
Stourton Castle
Kidderminster, St Mary & All Saints
Kidderminster, new development
Kidderminster, old carpet factories
Old Mill, Stourport
Stour joins the Severn

Upstream from Stourbridge
Viaduct, Penfields, Stourbridge
Near Bagley Street, Lye
Near Lye Forge
View from Saltbrook End pub garden
Lodge Forge, Cradley
Belle Vale, Halesowen
Close to Halesowen Bypass
Source of the Stour, St Kennelms, Clent

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Stourbridge photographer Graham Beckley has put together a great new book of photos of the River Stour, buy it now on Amazon. I have a copy, 118 pages of photos and detailed historical information on the river that shaped the history and industry of the Black Country


Also, people seem more concerned about the Stour and these photos will show you that even in the industrial areas, the Stour Valley is such a beautiful place. If you think you know the Stour and its surrounding areas, these photos may just surprise you.

The source of the Stour is a small spring close to St Kennelms Church on the Clent Hills, winding its way across open countryside to Halesowen, then through the edge of the famous Black Country, on to Stourbridge, then out through beautiful countryside via Kinver, Cookley, Wolverley and Kidderminster. Often the river is very close to the Staffordshire & Worcestershire canal in this part of its journey.

Please click on the camera icons to see the photos, they will typically take around 5 - 12 seconds to appear, less for broadband. We have lots of other photos but chose not to put them all on, if you think we should please contact us.

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