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The Ruskin Glass Centre tour

It must be said that in recent years the Ruskin Mill Educational Trust has made a huge contribution to the glass industry in Stourbridge. The days of the major Stourbridge glass companies such as Stuart Crystal, Webb Corbett and Thomas Webb are long gone, but a multitude of small glass studios have taken their place in the Stourbridge area, many of which are based at the Ruskin Glass Centre. It's a fantastic place to visit and you can see first hand the incredible skills of these glassmakers in the Stourbridge area. It is also host to the Biennial International Festival of Glass, which attracts designers and glass experts and enthusiasts from across the globe. The Centre has recently undergone a major refurbishment and is now one of the major cultural centres in the Stourbridge area and well worth a visit, it's open to the public 7days a week and admission is free. RUSKIN GLASS CENTRE WEBSITE

The blanks were made on site at Ruskin Glass Centre on 21st September 2011 by a team of glassmakers led by Richard Golding, with weeks of preparatory work including testing of the glass recipes by Plowden and Thompson.
Project coordinator and sponsor Ian Dury said today; ‘I am amazed that in just under one year, what was just an aspiration from a chance conversation with Terri Colledge Cameo Glass Engraver to reproduce the Portland Vase, we now have three Roman Cameo Glass replicas of major significance with the help and support of the British Museum and Corning Museum of Glass, USA.’ Not only is it the first time that the Auldjo Jug be on view for press and public after 3 months of engraving by Terri Colledge it also marks the first time a woman has been involved in creating a replica of the famous Portland Vase.

January 2012 - A Day of Firsts for the Stourbridge 2012 Portland Vase Project

Wednesday 18th Jan marked an exciting day of firsts at Ruskin Glass Centre for the Stourbridge 2012 Portland Vase Project. The project which is one of the boldest examples of skill to come out of Stourbridge in many years will see replica’s of three of the most famous pieces of glass in antiquity reproduced on one site using the skills of some of the greatest glassmakers, engravers and various other glass masters in the industry. The pieces that are to be reproduced are the Portland Vase, the Amphora Portland Vase and the Auldjo Jug and the originals are believed to be the three best examples of Roman Glass in existence. No one has ever attempted to reproduce all three pieces before.

Will Farmer of Fieldings Auctioneers and BBC’s Antiques Roadshow popped along to the Centre in Amblecote to check on progress, he added, ‘I admire the energy, effort and commitment that everyone involved has put into making these three pieces, which I think will fittingly celebrate the 400 year anniversary of Glassmaking in Stourbridge. Terri will be starting work on the 25th January on the Portland Vase and will be engraving the Vase for public to view every Wednesday thereafter. The Portland Vase replica will be completed in time for the International Festival of Glass in August 2012. Please click the images to open a larger version


Click here to see the list ofresident Ruskin Glass Centre artists. The centre has almost a village feel to it and is a great place to spend a few hours. Stourbridge Glass tour page...... Main Stourbridge Glass page

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