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Colin Sidaway


Colin Sidaway was born in Lye on the edge of the Black Country in 1938. He went to King Edward VI Grammar School, Stourbridge and left at 16 to take a Student Apprenticeship in Birmingham in building services engineering. In his mid 30’s he turned to higher education obtaining a BSc from Strathclyde University in Environmental Engineering and then to Cranfield University where he was a British Gas Scholar where he obtained a PhD in Applied Energy. He moved into the Energy Conservation industry and was a Director of an energy monitoring software house in Milton Keynes. Colin retired in 2003 and now lives in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. He turned to writing novels and his other interests include industrial archaeology and transport history.

Memoirs of Ellen Taylor

Memoirs of Ellen Taylor - synopsis

Ellen Sidaway was born Ellen Taylor at Hay Green, Lye on 3rd June 1914 on the eve of the first world war. She grew up and went to school in the 1920s; worked and married in the 1930s; managed to get through the war and austerity years of the 1940s; hope and growing aspirations in the 1950s; apparent wealth in the 1960s where she and her husband, Stan, had driving adventures around Europe; Stan had a stroke in the 1970s; and she had an extended family in the 1980s before coming to terms with life living alone. This is a story of just an ordinary girl living and growing up in a by-gone age in the Black Country. It has all the elements of life from joy to sadness, happiness to grief. It is a life. Ellen has written her story as if she was telling it.

Paperback rrp £4.99 plus P&P. Electronic and Kindle versions £1.99.
From www.sidawaysbostinbooks.com

The Canal Boy

The story is set in the 1940’50s when Jim James was born on the canal where he lived and worked with his parents on canal narrow boats as soon as he was able. He avoided school and grew up illiterate and had no numeric skills he is confronted with a whole different world when he is called up to do National Service. He lives on his wits and loses contact with his family as they are unable to communicate. When he leaves the armed forces with a trade of motor mechanic, the canal trade has finished and he tries to pick up his life again trying to live a simple life when events overtake him and he has a meteoric rise up the management tree to become a company executive of a multinational company.



The Canal Boy

The Black and Red Rolls Royce

The story starts in 1939 when Jeremy Jones graduates from Cambridge with a law degree. At the May Ball he meets and falls in love with an Indian student, Nasri, on her second year reading Geography. They have only a brief meeting where she takes him out for a picnic in her father’s black and red Rolls Royce. War interrupts their continued friendship with Jeremy entering the Royal Navy and Nasri returning to India never to come back. When the war in Europe was ended, Jeremy is still in service and sent to the Japanese theatre of war. He was transferred to India and then assisted in the partition where he again meets Nasri who persuades him to buy the black and red Rolls Royce that has so many memories for both of them. Again they separate as Jeremy enters the Diplomatic Service spending 20 years away. He loses the Rolls Royce. In strange circumstances he traces his car with more than one surprise in store for him.

Sidaway Publications

In his retirement Colin started writing a novel that he had in his head for over 40 years. It was the first of a trilogy and then moved on to drafting other novels. Determined to get the first of the novels into print without delay started his own publishing business and in his own way, decided to publish his books.

The first book, The Building Game was based upon a circumstance that he observed in 1973. It was full of suspicious intrigue as to how and why a white elephant of a Government scheme was given the go ahead. The book was put in print early in 2017 and is available in both paperback and electronic form from the web site www.sidawaysbostinbooks.com

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