Stourbridge Old Quarter - where and what is it?

This could be controversial! In the same way that nobody seems to agree on exactly where the Black Country is, I suspect the same applies to the Old Quarter of Stourbridge. It was probably a term invented by local estate agents, referring to the area to the south and west of the town centre, between Enville Street in the North and South Road to the South. Please be aware that there many other areas of Stourbridge that have fine buildings as well.

The area is made up of pleasant Edwardian and Victorian streets with houses that are well looked after, and is favoured by the town's artistic community. Please click on the photos for larger versions.

Baylie Street, Stourbridge Pargeter Street, Stourbridge Heath Street, Stourbridge
Map of the Stourbridge Old Quarter
Cross Street, Stourbridge Clifton Street, Stourbridge Beale Street, Stourbridge
South Avenue, Stourbridge
Western Road, Stourbridge
Lawn Street, Stourbridge
Bowling Green Road, Stourbridge
Hill Street, Stourbridge


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Cecil Street, Stourbridge