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Stourbridge War Memorial - World War I 1914-1918

Many thanks to Ken Dockerty of the Stourbridge British Legion for providing the names below. Ken's two uncles are amongst them and the list reveals other examples of brothers who had perished. It's a very sobering thought that the vast majority of these young men were aged 17 to 25.

The list has been compiled from a photocopy of an article in the County Express newspaper, dated Saturday March 3rd, 1923, when the memorial was built from public subscriptions. Our apologies if there are any spelling errors as the copy is difficult to read in parts. We have now had 2 cases now where a relative did not appear in the listings below but in fact they actually are listed on the memorial. Please contact me if you would like me to check a name for you.
Click here for a family tribute

E.C. Adams
J. Adams
E. Adams
A. Amos M.M.
A.H. Aston
F. Aston, Sgt.
G.W. Attwood
H. Allchurch
A.W. Atherley
Walter Aldington
A.H. Bentley
C.W. Bridge
L.C. Burrows
H. Brooks
J. Bowen
W. Bingham
S. Bowen
J.O. Banks
A.W. Banks
G.W. Badger
E. Bennett
F. Bennett
W.E. Biddle
J.A. Bomber
R. Bowcott
W. Boxley
R. Brooks
J.W. Brown
J. Blakeway, Major
J. Bury
G. Bennett, Cpl.
L.T. Biggs
S. Bridgens
H. Byng
A. Bennett
H. Bullock
D. Bethell
J.D. Bill, Cpl.
S. Bourne
E. Bowen
W.H. Bristow
B. Burford
W. Burrows
J. Beavon
A. Brooks
R.S.B. Beech, Ln-Cpl.
L.C.J. Barlow, 2nd Lt.
C .T. Bennett
A.D. Brookes
A. Blick
F. Barratt
J. Chance, R.S.M.
J.H. Chilton
G.H. Clements
T.C. Crump
W. Cooksey
H. Compson
J. Cocker
W. Carpenter, Sgt.
A.S. Cartwright
E. Clasper
J. Cope, Cpl.
S. Cooksey
J.E. Cocker
A.H. Chance 2nd Lt.

W.G. Chance
A. Cartwright, C.S.M.
J. Clasper
John Clasper
H.E. Croxton
F.C.S. Cook
J. Carter
D.E. Cooper
T. Corfield
G. Cookson
A. Cumming
W. Chance
H.R. Cornford
J. Clark
H.J. Cliff
G. Cope
C. Dainty
E. Davies, L-Cpl.
W. Davies
G. Davies
O.J. Davies
H.A. Davies
F.T. Dakin
L.M. Denham
R.F. De-Saulles
A. Dickins
A.G. Dickins
O.W. Dockerill
L. Dockerill
J. Dockerty
R. Dockerty
G.H. Donovan
W.H. Dudley
J. Dyke, Cpl
H.L. Evers, M.C. & Bar. Capt.
F. Elliott
P.H. Evans, L-Cpl.
G. Ellett
S. Freeman
A.S. Fellows, Lt.
W. Fletcher, L-Cpl.
A. Fletcher (2)
H. Farley
A.E. Fryer
W. Furnell
N. Gough, Lt.
R.H. Grazebrook, Eng. Com.
H. Garbett.
F. Gould, L-Cpl.
P. Gould
H.G. Griffin
C.R. Gittins
I.H.S. George, Capt.
W.D. Griffin
D.R. Guest
L. Garland
H. Grace
L.H. Garland
J. Gavan
E.F. George
F.W. Giles
C. Gittins
A. Harris
W.W. Hatton
F. Hill
S. Hill
G. Holcroft, 2nd Lt.
S. Hall
J.H. Harris
G. Harris
W.H. Harris
W. Hardiman
H.J. Hicks
A.C. Hill
W. Harris, Cpl.
F. Hill
T.E. Hill
A.C. Hill
H. Hingley
J. Hobson
T. Hobson
Jas. Hobson, L-Cpl.
E. Hobson
J.E. Hobson
H. Hale
J.N. Hunstone, Lt.
R.D. Hunstone, Lt.
G.E. Hollington
R.N. Hunt
S.T. Hall
W.A. Hobson

H. Hancock
H.T. Hassell
S. Hinton
C.D. Hammond
N. Harper
J.C. Haywood, D.C.M.
A. Hitchings
F. Howells
Jas. Harrington
Jos. Harrington
H. Hawkings, Sgt.
C.J. Howell, Lt.
F. Hand
J. Harris (1)
J. Harris (2)
A. Jones
E. Jakeman
A. Jenkins
B. Jones
R. Jones
R.J. Jones
T.H. Jones, Cpl.
P. Johnston
C.W. Jones, Sgt., M.M.
J.R. Jacques, C.S.M.
F. Jenkins
J. Jenkins

W. Johns
T. Johnson
W. Jordon
H.J. James
G. Jones
R. Jones
R. Jones (2)
C.W. King, 2nd Lt.
H.W. King
F. Kelley
C.S. Kimberley
W. Knott
A.J. Lamb
A.H. Lambert
D.A. Lawrence, Sgt.
H. Lloyd
W. Lloyd
A. Leedham
P. Lloyd
W.C. Love
J.A. Lovatt
W. Lawrence
E. Longmore
F.T. Lee
T.S. Leeson
B. Lee, Ln Cpl.
B. Lee
A. Lane
T. Lane
M. Lewis
A.G. Moisey
B. Moore
D.J. Moore
J.H. Moore
V.R. Moore, Cpl.
J. Merrick
H. Malpass
E. Mills
F. Matthews
J.W. Millward
T. Millward
W.C. Morris
H. Meese
A.J. Miller, Lt.
G.A.T. Miller
S. Morris
E. Mills
W.H. Morris, 2nd Lt.
P.R. Moody
H. Male
D. Marshall, 2nd Lt.
H. Moore
Horace Moore
A. Morley
H. Murray
H.C. Nash
C.V. Newman
J.C. Niblett
W. Nicholls
G. Newton
W. Nightingale
Walter Nightingale
A. Nightingale
A.H. Parton
J.W. Parton, Sgt.
E. Packwood
G.T. Pearson, Lt.
S.J. Perry
W.H. Phillips, Cpl.
C.A. Pitt, Cpl.
W. Pitt
S.C. Postins
W. Pearson
F. Parkes
W.L. Perks, 2nd Lt.
E. Perks
A. Poyner
F.W. Partridge
J. Pearson
W.C. Pagett, L-Cpl.
B. Phipps, L-Cpl.
W. Pitt
C. Poole
N. Parkes
J.E. Postings
C.T. Pagett
F.W. Parker
H. Perks
V. Pratt
G.C. Priest
C.W. Priest
J. Postings
S.H. Penn
C.T. Packett
W.C. Packett
E.H. Parker
W. Plant
P.R. Platt
R.C. Preece
J.H. Round
J.F. Reading, Lt.
W.F. Ray, L-Cpl.
C.V. Richards, Sgt.
J.S. Rabone
C.R. Robins
R.G. Ridley
C.E. Richards
J.P. Round
J.T. Rowlands
H.O. Selway, L-Cpl.
H. Shilvock, Cpl.
A.L. Simms, Capt.
T.J. Southall
G. Swingewood
E.J. Southall
S. Smart
E. Smart
R. Sankey
A. Shepherd, L-Cpl.
R.J. Short
W. Sidaway, L-Cpl
W. Skelding
E.W. Smith
E. Smith, 2nd Lt.
E.B. Smith
H. Stevens
H. Stubbings
G. Shaw
A.H. Swadling
E. Tomkins
J.A. Toms
R.H. Toms
H. Topliss
L.G.O. Townsend, Capt.
G.H. Tombs
E.H. Thompson
W.H. Trevis
J.T. Tether
G.H. Thompson
W. Taylor
J. Terry
A. Timmins, L-Cpl.
G. Tomkins
E. Turner, 2nd Lt.
E.V. Turner, Lt.
W. Timmins
J.E. Talbot
J.W. Tomkins
P.V. Thomas
A.S. Timmins
W. Timmins
G.H. Taylor
Arthur Timmins
F. Thompson
G. Tomkins (2)
C.R. Voce
G.D. Wainwright
H. Wainwright
J.W. Wakelam
T.W. Wakelam
A. Wakeman
J. Walsh
G.R. Walters
T.H. Walters
R.H. Ward
W. Ward
W. Ward, Lt.
C. Wassell, Cpl.
J.T. Watkins
J. Watkins
T.H. Webb
G. Webber
W.J. Webber
A. Welch
J.J. Welsh
S. Weston
T. Weston
J.H. Willetts
E. Williams

A.H. Winwood
H.E.W. Wood, Capt.
T.E. Wyre, L-Cpl.
J. Wheeler
C. Woodhouse
T. Whitwell
T.H. Winnal
J. Woolley, Sgt.
S. Woolley
C. Woodall
W.B. Woodall
C.L. Woodhouse
G.H. Yardley
W. Yates

Claire Jewkes has kindly sent details of relatives who also died in World War 1. The family has strong links with Stourbridge.

The first three listed are brothers:

1.Private 5150257 William Hyslop of 14th Battalion London Regiment (London Scottish) Who died of wounds on 28th March 1917 aged 26, he was the youngest son of John and Grace Hyslop of Muswell Hill,London. He is buried at Warlincourt Cemetary, France.

2. Second Lieutenant Thomas Anderson Hyslop of 10th Bn.attd and 4th Bttn, Yorshire regiment was killed in action on 22nd March 1918 aged 29. He was awarded the Military Cross for Bravery.He is the third youngest son of John and Grace Hyslop of Muswell Hill London. He is buried at Pozieres Memorial,Somme France.

The Wood Green Memorial
to the three Hyslop brothers

3.Lieutenant James Hyslop of 14th Bn London Regiment (london Scottish) was killed in action on 5th November 1918 aged 32. He won the Military Medal when he was a sgt, and was later commissioned. He is the second youngest son of John and Grace Hyslop of Muswell Hill London. He is buried at Valenciennes cemetary France.

4. Private 435324 James Fingland Hyslop of the 10th Bn Canadian Infantry (Alberta rgmt) who was killed in action on 18th March 1916 aged 27. Son of James and Jemima Hyslop Of London. He is buried at Berks cemetary Belgium.

5.Private 49190 James Robb Hyslop of the 2nd Bn Otago Regiment N.Z.E.F who was killed in action on 10th april 1918. Son of Mr and Mrs James Hyslop of Otago, New Zealand. He is buried at Knightsbridge cemetary, Somme France.

6. Private s/3058 James Douglas of the 8th Bn Seaforth Highlanders who was killed in action on 25th September 1915 aged 26. Son of the late James and Mary Douglas, Husband of Minnie Douglas of Wellington Square, Ayr. He is buried at Loos Memorial Calais France.

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