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Stourbridge Township Council

Thank you for visiting stourbridge.com and in turn the information relating to Stourbridge Township Council. Our introduction page explains why our group was formed thirty years ago, there is still a need for such a township group today. Ours is the only ‘township watchdog group’ in the Town of Stourbridge. Click here for next meeting agenda

Over the years we have made the views of local residents known not only to Dudley Metropolitan Council elected members and officers, but to representatives of other local agencies. Many of these representations have brought action and results.

Vacancies do occur and applications for membership are welcomed for consideration by our members. We are self funding and subscriptions are required. This group is very strictly non Political, but is recognised and respected across the political divide. If you feel that your input to our group and in turn to your Town could be of assistance to your community please contact me as below for further details.

Kari Shepherd Clerk to the Council, The Fold, Hagley road, Oldswinford, Stourbridge, West Midlands DY8 2JP Tel: 01384 395552 E: [email protected]

The members of Stourbridge Township Council are very pleased to be associated with Stourbridge.com. It was decided to have an internet site and so we have approached the very best. Please click here for recent meeting minutes

The Township Council was formed in 1979 as a neighbourhood council, a watchdog group of local people to safeguard the interests of all Stourbridge residents.

We are pleased and proud that the Stourbridge.com “Welcome to Stourbridge” page features the extract from the book Stourbridge in Times Past by H. Jack Haden. For many years Jack was one of our members he is remembered with great affection by us all. The final paragraph in this extract from Jack’s book speaks volumes. It actually explains how and why the Township Council came into being.

When the new Metropolitan District (later to become the Metropolitan Borough) of Dudley and within the new West Midlands, the founder members of our Council feared the worst. This new formation as described by Jack Haden was “torn” from the ancient counties of Staffordshire, Warwickshire and in our case Worcestershire. There was clearly a need for a group of local people to watch over the interests of Stourbridge residents. In recent years we hear the term “nanny state”. Our founder members rightly viewed the formation of the new Metropolitan Borough with some suspicion. Would this new “nanny” of their day treat Stourbridge with the consideration and kindness that the town deserved?

The members of the Township Council today, as they were in 1979 are all local residents loyal and dedicated to their town. The Council is very strictly non political, though local politicians are invited and often attend at our meetings. Over the years national and local political controls have changed several times. It must be said that usually only the political colour of the banner in control actually changes where Stourbridge is concerned, the needs of our town often being overlooked in the interests of what are seen as ‘the bigger picture’. We fully understand financial constraints or whatever other considerations there must be, but there is a need today, as there was back in 1979 to ensure that our very important town plays a big part the picture. Feathers have been ruffled over the years by our members when we have seen a need to challenge a situation or decision. However our statements or interventions result from considerations and debate within the Council we aim to present a balanced and constructive view.

The efforts of stalwart members over the years are a hard act to follow, but recent years have produced an impressive list of achievements where in active support of local people the Council has helped win the day.

Stourbridge Township Council is entirely self financed; it has refused any outside financial or other considerations in order to keep its independence. Meetings are held in the original Old Council Chamber (The Amblecote Room) at Stourbridge Town Hall. These take place at 7.15pm usually on the second Thursday of each month with the exception of August. Any member of the general public of the town is invited to raise any matter of general concern to Stourbridge. The Member of Parliament is entitled to address the meetings, as are local Councillors for the Stourbridge area. We are in regular contact with the police, local press, the Town Manager and representatives of other local groups, written invitations are forwarded to them by the Clerk to the Council prior to each meeting.

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