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Stourbridge Township Council - Next meeting

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Dear Colleague and Supporter

You are invited to attend the 408th meeting of Stourbridge Township Council to be held in THE AMBLECOTE ROOM {the Council Chamber of the former Stourbridge Urban District Council & of the former Stourbridge Borough Council} on

THURSDAY 11th February 2016 at 7.15p.m.

Following a short meeting and update regarding Mary Stevens Park HLG
Stourbridge Township Council would like celebrate our 400th meeting with a drink and a traditional ‘fish and chip’ supper.
Please see the attached note for further information.

We cordially invite partners and colleagues to join us in our celebration.

Kari Shepherd

Clerk to the Council

Copies to Ms M James, MP for Stourbridge; members of the Dudley Council for its Norton, Pedmore & Stourbridge East and Wollaston & Stourbridge Town, Amblecote and Lye & Stourbridge North wards: officers of the West Midlands Police and the local press, who are all entitled to attend the above meeting.

This meeting of Stourbridge Township Council is open to the public, who are invited to address the same under agenda item No.1.



Please direct all questions throught the Chair

  1. To hold a public participation session during which any resident of the Town of Stourbridge may address the meeting upon any matter of local concern.
  1. To receive apologies for absence.
  1. To deal with matters relating to the West Midlands Police including PACT and ‘Police Surgery’ issues from wards. Times/dates of meetings as per attached notice.
    1. Communications from West Midlands Police, who are invited to attend our meetings.
    2. To deal with any police related matters raised by members of the Township Council.    
  1. To receive the minutes of the last meeting of the Township Council held on 14th January 2016.
  1. To deal with any business arising from the minutes not otherwise on this agenda.
  1. To receive any communications that the Chairman of the Council wishes to lay before the meeting
  1. To receive update from the Clerk to the Council.
  2. To consider any items or motions of which notice has been given under Standing Order No.13.
  3. To consider matters relating to Education, Leisure, Housing and the National Health Service
  4. To consider matters relating to Town & Country Planning, Environmental Health, Highways, Transport and Water including:-
    1. Highway problems including Traffic, public safety, pedestrian issues and reports of repairs seen to be required.
    2. Reports on current redevelopment work in the town and observations by members.
    3. Litter and street cleansing issues to include damage caused by anti social behaviour.   

     11.  To consider Financial, Civic and Local Government matters, including;  

  1. Financial issues to include the current balance of the Township Council’s account.
  2. Stourbridge Community Forums: see attached notice for further details.

Wednesday 16th March 2016 at 6.30pm       Norton, Pedmore and Stourbridge East, Wollaston and Stourbridge Town
Wednesday 23rd March 2016 at 6.30pm       Amblecote, Cradley and Wollescote, Lye and Stourbridge North

  1. Future meetings of the Township Council     Thursday 10th March and 14th April 2016

     12.  Any other business which the Chairman considers to be of an urgent nature and if necessary to
            exclude the public and press from the meeting to deal with matters of a confidential nature.

Please note that it is our standard practice to record (voice only) the meeting to assist with the minute taking.
Any persons not wishing to be recorded should inform the Chairman/ Clerk.

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