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Stourbridge Genealogy - Archive of messages - 2008

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I am continuing my research on the Beddoes family tree & have hit a brick wall. Can anyone help? 31/8/1908 Sydney Beddoes married Mabel Maud Smith a 20 yr old spinster of Firmstone St Wollaston. Her father is recorded, on the marriage cert as George Frederick Smith. I know Mabel Maud Beddoes died Q1 1969 aged 79. Beyond that I can find nothing re Mabel Maud Smith. The 1901 census records a Mabel Maud Moreton aged 11 with her aged aunt & uncle, Jane 67 & John 73 Moreton as being at 10 Firmstone St. The birth record for Mabel Moreton is Q3 1889, which fits with her being 79 in Q1 1969, the date of Mabel Beddoes death. Did George frederick Smith adopt young Mabel? Can anyone connect Jane & John Moreton to George Frederick Smith? Thank you for taking the time to read this, all assistance much appreciated. Regards Jane (Rec'd 7 Dec 08)

Hello, I am looking for information on the following people, Joseph Lewis bn abt 1814,his wife Sarah Bayless bn abt 1816, their children and in particular Robert Simeon Lewis bn 1860 and his wife Phoebe Lawrence bn 1859, her parents Samuel Lawrence bn abt 1836 and Mary Ann Dancer bn abt 1837, All appear to have been bn and raised in and around Stourbridge.All info will be appreciated,thank you and God bless. Tom Lewis, in Florida,USA. (Rec'd 2 Dec 08)

Hello, I'm a local historian in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, with an interest in John Sutcliffe JP (1775/6-1858), a wood dealer and leading public figure in the town at that time.  His wife was Mary Hornblower, daughter of Thomas Hornblower of Stourbridge.  I would be very interested to know about the Hornblowers' background, and in particular whether they might have had business connections with Sutcliffe and whether Mary would have brought her own wealth to the marriage.  Is there a Hornblower historian out there?
Regards, David Griffiths (Rec'd 25th Nov 08)

I am trying to find information on William and Sarah Collins. They were living in Kingswinford in the 1871 census. William was 42, Sarah 36 and their children were Henry 16, John11,  George 8 and Amy 2 (who emmigrated to Australia in 1884. ) William was employed as a glass cutter. I am fairly sure Amy was born in Stourbridge.
Regards John Montgomery from Australia. (Rec'd 20 Nov 08)

I have recently begun tracing the Beddoes family tree. I have established my gt gt grandfather George Beddoes b1861, was a butcher & lived in Coventry St Stourbidge 1891 & 1901 census info has him at no.45). In the 1871 census he is at 53 Hagley st with brother Harold 17yrs, sister Anne 16yrs, mother Lucy (her name is not clear on the census image, but I noted it as Lucy before I found the Lucy Beddoes entry in the 1851 info) & father George a 53 yr old butcher.
None of them are in the 1861 census, least not that I can find. But in  1851 George 31 yrs, is at 63 Coventry st with his 13 yr old niece Pheobe Howe??? Also on the 1851 census there is a Lucy Beddoes aged 33, but she is in Hastings with 73 yr old Mary Howe. 20 yr old George is on the 1841 census at 126 Dudley Rd, Wolverhampton & Seisdon. I've found nothing further back on George Beddoes born circa 1820. I'm new to this & would be pleased to hear from anyone with information on any of the above detail. What was happening in Coventry St during the 1800s? What was 126 Dudley Rd in 1841, it was a multi occupied premises? Has anyone connected the Beddoes with the Howes? So many questions. Thank you for taking the time to read this & good luck with your search. Jane (Rec'd 19 Nov 08)

I'm trying to find out more information about my relatives who lived in Wordsley & Kingswinford. William & Lavinia WHITEHOUSE (both butchers) bought 42 New Street, Wordsley c1900 (a large double-fronted property). Their daughter Florence WHITEHOUSE (b1870) continued to live in the house when she married George SMITH in 1901 and all their 5 children were born and raised there.Two of the children (Flora & Harry SMITH - neither of whom married) lived there until their deaths around 1970-75 and then the house was sold at auction.  The SMITHs (George & Sarah Ann) lived at Bromley Lodge, Kingswinford from 1870-1901+. From the census info, it was a large farm of 100 acres, employing 80 men and 1 boy (they employed servants in the house too). I would be very greatful if anyone can provide further information on either of these two families or has any photographs which would help in my research. Andrea (Rec'd 13 nov 08)

I am trying to trace my maternal grandfather (Arthur Sidney Ellis) who was born around 1868 in Stourbridge.  He migrated to Australia in 1911 and lived in Moonee Ponds with Eva Jean Alexander and their four children.  Arthur became ill in 1928 and passed away in November of that year.  The four children were put into orphanages and Eva Jean Alexander seem to disappear.  I have Arthur’s death certificate which gave me the origin of his birth (Stourbridge) and that he was a clerk.  He was around 60 when he died.   I would be very grateful if someone had any information on Arthur and/or his family in Stourbridge.  Any information would be invaluable.  His two daughters are still alive (one being 86 and the other (my mother) is 82.  His two sons passed away several years ago. Jenny (Rec'd 5Nov 08)

Hello, my name is Robert Green, I am a resident of Melbourne Australia. I am trying to contact relatives/descendants of the GREEN family from Kinver. My Great Grandfather James GREEN lived in Mill Lane & Stone Lane Kinver until 1883 when he migrated to Australia with his family.  The family appears in the 1881 British Census with the address listed as Stone Lane. James’s father & mother were George & Mary GREEN (Nee Philips) James GREEN married Catherine Dudley Burford in 1861 at Kinver.  Children from this marriage were Emma, Henry, James, Charlotte, Charles, Agnes & Allen. The family migrated to Australia in 1883 and settled in Northern New south Wales.  
Robert Green  [email protected]
(Rec'd 5 Nov 08)

I have been trying to trace this inn without success so far and just came across your website.  My great grandfather, Richard Stroyd, born in Dudley 1853, tacked the name of Clempson to his name of Stroyd (corruption of Stride) as his step-father Samuel Clempson had property in Dudley and Amblecote i.e. the Woodman Inn, Brettel Lane, Dennis Park.  My great-aunt Blanche was born there.  Does anyone know of its existence and whereabouts and does anyone link in to the Stride/Stroyd/ Stroyd-Clempson families of Dudley and Netherton?  
Many thanks Jane Hussey (Rec'd 31 Oct 08)

My name is Shawn Powell and I've been trying to research my ancestors for....to many years now.  What I'm looking for is info on Apast butcher......He name is Henry Powell b. 1821 married to Hannah young b.1827......in a 1881 census shows they lived at 128 High St. and says Henry was a butcher........I later recieved a letter from one of my aunts with a bunch of info on my ancestors and in it was a photocopy of a reciept from the butcher shop the date shows Oct 23 1874 also a newspaper clipping talking about the death of Mr Robert Tottey who married Eliza Maria daughter of Henry Powell and took over for Henry at the butcher shop in  1903............I was just wondering if you know of any info on this family or know of anyone that knows..................thanks for your time.  
Shawn Powell (Rec'd 29 Oct 08)

The name John Northwood is synonymous with Stourbridge. Many people know of the achievements of this man. Visit the Merry Hill Shopping Centre and there he is, larger than life, holding his world
famous copy of the Portland or Barberini Vase. I am the great grandson of this man, and I am researching him and his ancestors. It seems incredible, in these days of on-line census records, to find that almost nothing has been dug up about him. It seems he is one of four illegitimate children born to Mary Northwood of Albrighton. Apart from that I have run out of leads. If anyone has anything on the family I would be most grateful for any lead. I am also looking for Enoch Guy, who was a leader in the local Methodist Church. He was the father of Leonard Guy, my grandfather who married Ethel Northwood, daughter of John and Elizabeth. Many thanks in advance for your help.
Robert Elsam (Rec'd 29 Oct 08)

I am sorry to have confused the issue, but I managed to omit an entire generation!John Northwood and his seven siblings were thechildren of Federick Northwood and Maria Richardson.It was Federick Northwood and his ?three siblings that were the illegitimate children of Mary Northwood of Albrighton.I am indebted to a very full and helpful reply that I have already received offering help with my quest. I am deliberately not naming him to ensure his integrity, but maybe he would like to identify himself!!By the way, you ask contributors about our current location, well for the past 30 years I have lived in sunny Paraguay, South America. Robert Elsam (Recd 30 Oct 08)

S(C)HUELL/Oldbury, Smethwick and Showell Pedmore/Oldbury c 1800s-1900s. I would appreciate any information or contact for my family. Thanks, Noeline [email protected] (Rec'd 18 Oct 08)

Hello, Over a year ago I placed an item here, re my elusive grandfather Arthur Luddington(Ludd) Angel Roberts,b 1866. In the early 1900s He and his wife Ada,and their 10 children,lived at 7 Clifton St: He married in 1900,and,apart from the 1901 census,and his death in W'ton in 1936,we have no earlier record...he was not reg; at birth,but said he was educated in Ireland. We have searched for years for info: on his earlier life,but of no avail. Please,does anyone know antyhing of Ludd? His children were, Maude,Marj,Vera,Stan,Ron,Doug,Tom,Glad (married name Barlow) and Doug Roberts. Help please!!
Thank you Val hampton (Rec'd 10 Oct 08)

I am looking for information on the Goldsack family. My great grandfather was born in 1976 in Stourbridge. Not certain of date of death, possible 1940 in West Riding. If you have any information I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you, Pam [email protected] (Rec'd 4 Oct 08)

Hello,I am trying to trace a man called Richard Hugh Perks,.He wrote a letter of support for the saving of the Old Foundry in January 2007. In his letter he mentioned, A Diary he had inherited, written by Francis Perks, a tailor in Stourbridge. I have been researching this family, (One of Francis’s sons went to Canada as a Doctor). He mentioned in his letter, the Diary would be published hopefully in early 2008, I would love to know if this happened, and if I can get in touch with Richard, via your Website.or a copy of the Diary. My kindest Regards
Jenny Hopkins (Rec'd 2 Oct 08)

I am researching the NICKLIN family. Albert was born in Stourbridge on 30/11/1847 and worked as a glass engraver in Stourbridge. He married Emily Beddard in Aston in 1870 and was living in High Street, Wollaston on the 1871 Census. He later worked in the Edinburgh glass industry, dying there in 1905. He had a brother and 5 sisters all born in Stourbridge. I would appreciate any info. about where and when he worked in Stourbridge or any other info. related to him or his family
Many thanks, Dave [email protected] (Rec'd 1 Oct 08)

I am studying the Syner family of the Severn Gorge. They mostly worked as trowmen on the Severn from the 1550's onwards. I have linked the Bristol Syners to those in the Wye Valley (who were also trowmen) and would like to try and do the same with those families found in Bridgnorth, Kidderminster, Lye and Kingswinford. The obvious connection is the Severn/Stour rivers. I would appreciate any comments on the navigability of the Stour in the c16th/c17th centuries to Severn trows and any specific trade links between the towns above and the Severn Gorge. Thanks Peter Taylor (Rec'd 24th Sep 08)

Hi there everyone! I'm researching my fathers' family and am interested in tracing his paternal grandfather, Edward Taylor, born in Stourbridge in 1855. He moved to Birmingham and married Ellen (maiden name unknown) who came from London.  They had several children, my grandfather being Frank Taylor, born 1885. It's not a lot of info to go on, but over here in Adelaide, Australia, it's all I have! Have searched BMD without much joy, would really appreciate any help or ideas. Thanks!! [email protected] (Rec'd 9th Sep 08)

RESULT: - Just to let you know that two people have replied to my post so far, with great results. They have found two more generations of my grandfather's family and also my grandmother's maiden name and history on her. So, excellent results and I'm really grateful.
Thanks, Lisa Whellans, Adelaide, Australia (Rec'd 16th Sep 08)

I would like any information on my grandfather & father.My grandfathers name was Noah Tomlinson, & he had 3 sons Stanley ,Sidney & Donald I believe he left the Kinver area after the war to find work in London.He set up a coal business in london & set for his family to join him.My grandfathers sister married into the Tyler family.Any information would be gratefully recieved.
David Tomlinson (Rec'd 16 Aug 08)

Has anyone any information about the PEARMAN family? They originated as far as I know in Alvechurch, Worcestershire. My branch moved to Clent and Berkswell and I know there were branches in Pedmore, Kingswinford and Stourbridge. In the early days, the name was PERMON , and has been spelt PERMAIN. There were a lot of farmers among them. It doesn't matter how distant the relationship to me but I am trying to gather as many as I can.
[email protected] (Rec'd 15 Aug 08)

I am looking for the early members of the Roper family. They came from the Ironbridge area about 1850-60. The family story is that they had a connection with the Old Tavern.Stambermill. It was won or lost on the turn of a card. Any information would fill in a few gaps in this tree. Thanks, M.Niblett ( Worcs.) (Rec'd 15 Aug 08)

Hi, I am looking for information about David Wooldridge who married Mary Ann Mills, my great grandmothers cousin, in the december quarter of 1899. They had a daughter Alice born in 1900. I would also welcome information on other Mills family and Fitzpatrick family both from the Stourbridge area.
Many thanks Sheena (South West Wales, GB) (Rec'd 29th July 08)

Does anyone have any information regarding my G Grandfather, George Doggett, he was registered in 1901 as living in Aston. His wife was Isabella McWhinnie. I have found BDM info on a George Doggett, who was married in Stourbridge.
Any info please. Beryl Moore (Rec'd 27 July 08)

Dear Sir or Madam, Can you please point me in the right direction, I am trying to find any Records on inmates for the period coving the death of possibly my Gt. 4X Grandfather William Fleming died 31 January 1838 at the age of 69, the Residence of Informant was John possibly Fireflies, Governor of the Workhouse Oldswinford. In the Counties of Worcester and Stafford. This information has been taken from the Death Certificate.Thanking you in anticipation.
George M Fleming. aged over 70. (Rec'd 15th July 08)

I have been looking for information about my BRIDGENS relative from Stourbridge. According to what I know, they were glassblowers. They left Stourbridge for US in or about 1898.My grt grandfather was born in Stourbridge Oct 1929 married Elizabeth Bradney. He had three sons prior to coming to the US, William John-12/1878, Frank abt 1884, Albert Harry 9/1999. His father was William Carl Bridgens married Janes Davies at St. Mary's in Stourbridge. He was born 14 May 1826 in Wordsley. Any information would be extremely appreciated.
Jan Clark (Rec'd 25 June08)

Does anyone have Hutchinson or Smout in their family tree? I would be interested to know. They lived in Wollaston, Bridgenorth Road area. I have done alot of research but there are still gaps to fill. Any information would be gratefully received. (Rec'd 18 June 08)

I would be grateful for any information that anyone may have on my Great Grand father born in Stourbridge in the early to mid 1800's His name was Edward Stanley, and had several sons. He was a boilermaker by trade, and I believe moved South in England, in the late 1800's thankyou. Please e-mail any information to [email protected] (Rec'd 17 June 08)

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am working on a research project do do with John Corbett (1817-1901). In my reference I have come across John as staying or having business dealing with (Canal carrier with his father Joseph Corbett):
1851: Salt Merchant of Hipkins Household, Wollescote Hall, Wollescote. Would you have any information on this, perhaps John was staying at Wollescote Hall ? Could you forward this on if you feel someone else may be able to help. Thanks Yours faithfully
John Hodges (Rec'd 8 June 08)

Please can you help in my search for a building or area which was used during World War Two to house children evacuated from Birmingham and surrounding areas. I am asking on behalf of my wife, who recalls being evacuated to Kinver. She can remember Kinver Edge, but that is all. Could it be the National Trust estate? Any help would be appreciated. If you could put me in touch with another source of information, it would help. Many thanks Mr John A Belcher. Ps I can be contacted at [email protected] or phone 01235535202. (Rec'd 22 May 08)

I am looking for anyone that is related to the Watts family chainmakers in 1881 the travelled and settled in Thornaby on Tees. My Great Great Grandfather was Neri Watts b 1842. Thank you
[email protected] (Rec'd 22 May 08)

Are there any Oakleys now living in the Stourbridge or surrounding areas? I am trying to trace any information on my great, great grandfather George Oakley who was a gentlemans servant in 1847 and later became an Inn Keeper at the Cross Inn, Netherton. He married Jane Jukes and had a son Albert born in 1847 at Union Street, Stourbridge and married a Mary Ann Shepherd from Castle st. Kinver. Is there any one who can give me any information on any of these people. May be you have done your family tree.
Myra Mapps (Rec'd 21 May 08)

Hi, I really need your help. I am looking for information of my grandmother (Chasseur) who was born in Stourbridge in 1916 (09 feb.). Her husband was Georges Félix. I've nothing about Elisabeth. Any information will be welcome. I'm living in Belguim.
Elisabeth Félix. [email protected] (Rec'd 19 May 08)

I'm interested in finding out information about the family of William
Jonadab Turney/Hannah Holmes and their Roe relations. William died in 1895 and Hannah died in 1904. He owned a leatherworks factory. They were related to my husbands Roe family - Albert Henry Roe married Alice Hatton in Stourbridge. In 1901 they were living in West Street. Alice died in 1907. The other family was Charles and Eliza Roe. In 1901 they were living in Green Street next door to their daughter, Sarah Ann, and her husband George Heathcock. Charles died in 1906. Any relations from those family lines still in the area? His children were Henry, Mabel Eliza, Mary Jane. Brenda Roe (Rec'd 17 May 08)

Dear Sir, I am looking for information relating to Stourbridge grange, it was the home of the Peacock family in the 40’s – 50’s the family originally moved from Bescott House in Walsall (possibly the present site of Bescott stadium) the Grange was left to a charity to become a Home for Blind babies.Any information relating to the house or the Peacock family would be welcome I know that the father was Sir Thomas Swift Peacock and he had daughters Audrey, Stephanie and Natalie and one son Kenneth who later became Sir Kenneth Peacock. Yours Stuart W Smith, South Wales (Rec'd 17th Apr 08)

Can anyone help me, I am looking for information re my granmother she was born Alice Hope in 1881 married my grandfather William Beasley in 1904 they had three children Doris May, William Thomas and my mother Alice.I think my grandmother left my grandfather and went to live with a soldier between 1915 and 1918 she died I believe after falling or being pushed downstairs. my grandfather re marrried in 1919 and stated on the marrige certificate that he was a widower. Not sure when he died but I believe it was before 1934.
[email protected]
(Rec'd 7th Apr 08)

Can anyone help me with my family research? From or before my very allusive Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandfather William FLEMING he died Jul 1839 in Stourbridge, his Son was Joseph Fleming b. abt 1820 and died Aug 1899 in 40 Stewkins, Wordsley, he was married to Ann nee Meredith b. abt 1819 they had eight children, Frederick b. Dec 1842, Philip b. Aug 1845, my Gt. Gt. Father, he married twice, 1st wife was Emily nee Cheslin in St Luck’s , Wolverhampton, she died in Australia Jan 1878, Philip returned to England & married to his 2nd wife: Elizabeth Ann nee Olorenshaw in the parish Church, Handsworth, Joseph also had a daughter Hannah b. abt 1848, and Ann Elizabeth b. abt 1853 in Brittle Lane. Colborn Brook, Amblecote, a Son Joseph b Dec 1858, Arthur b. Feb 1862, Alfred William b. abt 1865 in Kingswinford and Emma Louise b. abt 1867 to Thomas Taverner b. abt 1889 in Stourbridge, if you think you are related to this part of my family tree, please send me an email at: [email protected] I have many relations both in the UK and Australia.
(Rec'd 4th Apr 08)

Hi All, I am looking for any help on finding more about my 2nd g grandfather , Henry Aaron (bc 1848).He married an Emily Taylor in 1865 and they had a Daughter,Sarah Ann Aaron born 1868.Emily died in 1875 and Henry remarried an Elizabeth Worton.They went on to have several children,one of which was Alice Maud Aaron,my g grandmother,born 1878 in Shoreditch .Henry lived at Seven Houses,Stourbridge in 1868,7 Beckford Square ,Shoreditch in 1878,132 Enville Street,Stourbridge in 1881 and 8 Theatre Road,Stourbridge in 1891 and 1901.He died in 1912 at 9 Round Court New Street,Stourbridge and is buried in Stourbridge Cemetery.I would be grateful for any help whether it be directly to do with ANY member of the family or any of the places mentioned.You can e-mail me direct at [email protected] Regards Wendy Vernon (Rec'd 5th Apr 08)

My grandfather Edwin Timmins was born in Stourbridge in approx 1863 and appears on the 1971 census in Stourbridge. There is then no record of him anywhere that I can find, until 1901, when he reappears in Middlesbrough on the census, as 'Edward' with a wife, Isabella nee Cowan and 3 children including my father,also Edwin Timmins, who was born in North Ormesby, Midd'bro in 1898, as was his brother, my uncle Frank, born there in 189 and my Aunt Matilda apparently born in Queensland, australia in 1887 approx. However, I can find no record of mr granfather's brith, a marriage, or an emigration to Australia, or a return passage,although I have traced his death to M'bro 1903, aged 40.. Similarly I can find no record of my granmother's birth, marriage, death. Any help or suggestions would be hugely appreciated.
Marion Fancey (nee Timmins) - (Rec'd 5th Apr 08)

I am researching our family who we believe were attorneys in Stourbridge from mid 1700 to at least 1810 and possibly later. They were called “Harris” There was William 1748-1810 and Charles 1746-1803 and possibly a nephew Charles 1781 to about 1841. Does anyone have any information? K. Harris (Rec'd 31st Mar 08)

Hello, I’m searching for information regarding the Steel(e) family. My great great grandparents Peter and Elizabeth (Bridget) Steel(e) came to Stourbridge some time in the mid 1800s from Italy. Their children, born here, were Mary, John, Joseph, Julia, Laurence, Rose. I’d love to find out where about in Italy they were from, and what their Italian name was. May have been Fortunati. If anyone has connections, please get in touch. Regards, Julie (Rec'd 30 Mar 08)

Hello, I am looking for any information of my great grandfather William Henry Watkins, he came from Old Swindford, we have a newspaper cutting of him which recited his life and described him as a local chraracter, he lived at no.10 Union Street Stourbridge around 1914, he spent his life in the army, and was affectionately known to locals as Old Bill, he died as a Chelsea pensioner in 1937, if you have any information please contact me.
Kind Regards, Anita (Rec'd 22 Mar 08)

Hello, I am seeking information about Henry Haywood (born 1846ish, Stourbridge) and Martha Kendrick (born 1858ish, Stourbridge). I am also interested in Henry's first wife Caroline Beddows (born 1850ish Died 1879, Stourbridge). I am particularly interested in any Haywoods who may have been homed at the Barnardos childrens home at Wordsley or the Stourbridge Workhouse between 1883 and 1903. I have info on the members of this family who emmigrated and am willing to share. Many thanks Lisa. (Rec'd 12th Mar 08)
Hello, I am Jessie Agnes Higgins Clark, and my mother corresponded with her cousin, Joan Watts for many years. My mother, Jessie Mullins Higgins lived in Fresno, CA, for most of her life; she died 10 years ago. Over the years, I have gone through her papers, and have found letters to her cousin, Joan Watts. The address below is on the envelopes:
4 Queen Street, Wordsley-North Stourbridge, Worcestershire, England.
When I found this website and email contact, I thought I would try to make a contact.
Agnes Clark
(Rec'd 9th Mar 08)

My name is Cathy Abbott- Byers and I have been researching Abbott Family from Wollaston 3 generations William Abbott 1789 and James 1788 were first to come to Wollaston in early 1800's . William married Sarah Harbert from little Addington but they raised their famies in Wollaston and the next 2 generations were there . Where they located after that I'm not exactly sure. Thomas Abbott b 1863 left and went to Chesham Buckinghamshire This much I know, and Married an Emma Hinson. If anyone has information on Abbott family of Wollaston I would greatly Appreciate it . Regards Cathy (Rec'd 9th Mar 08)

Information sought on my gt grandfathers family who were glassworkers in the Dudley area. Henry Frederick Forbes and his wife Annie Edmunds came to Glasgow before 1900 but his grandfather was a glassworker possibly from Dumbarton who had gone south to work. Any Scotch Brummies name of Forbes? Forbes Meek, Glasgow. [email protected] (Rec'd 27 Feb 08)

Hi, I am trying to trace the family of William and Thomas Mills born in the Stourbridge area, Old Swinford and Kidderminster, in 1780 and 1791. Many of the family were shoemakers. William was married to Esther Smith in 1804 in Clent and Thomas Married a Maria Tyers or Fryers?, in about Jan 1809. Any Mills descendent contact would be wonderful. I am sure they probably had other siblings, and if anyone can give me the parent names that would be a big help.
Many thanks Sheena (Rec'd 21st Feb 08)

I first wrote to your site in October last year asking for info on my gg grandmother, Eliza Babbs, born in Stourbridge in 1849, who married Samuel Ford in 1870. I have since discovered that the mother of Eliza was Hannah Bassett. The mother of Samuel Ford was Betsy Bassett. I would be interested to hear from anyone who knows anything of the Bassetts, and whether Betsy and Hannah Bassett were related. Thank you. Susan Euington (Rec'd 18th Feb 08)

Hi, I am researching my late step father’s family tree and I have come across a photo/postcard of Baby George Louch dated 16th Oct 1914. Baby George looks about 18 months old the address on the postcard is:Pump Terrace, Vicarage Road, Wollaston, Stourbridge. I think baby Georges Father was also called George Louch born abt 1876 (in Oxford) but I have no knowledge who his mother was. Any help on this would be much appreciated.Thank You, Shar (Rec'd 16th Feb 08)

I am Looking for any descendants of William Parker a chair maker, and Susannah Herring who lived in 7 House Row, then later in Union Passage Stourbridge. In particular Susannah's illegitimate son Henry Grove Herring b 1848 Stourbridge. He married Emily Taylor in 1865 then Elizabeth Worton in 1875 - The name Herring later changed to Aaron, but can also be found as Heron, Herrin and Arron, they lived in Theatre Street Stourbridge. I believe his dad to be Harry Grove.
Thanks, Sara Harris, Kingswinford (Rec'd 5th Feb 08)

My great grandmother, Catherine Augusta Pemberton Marsh was born in Stafford about 1798 to Joseph and Mary Pemberton. She was christened in Walsall in 1803. She died in 1873. Her siblings include, Atton Henry, William Francis, Marrianne, Ellen Mirsh, Joseph Tertius, Isaac, Julia Dixon, and William Stokes Pemberton. Early in life Catharine, Atton, and William Francis came to America and lived in South Carolina and Augusta, Georgia. Catharine married twice and had 3 children: Ann C. Murray, Julia Augusta Marsh and Thomas Atton Pemberton Marsh. Catharine returned to England in the 1840's. Ann married in the 1850's to Harri Claude FeBvre a Frenchman. One of her sons William Joseph Febvre lived in England with Catharine in Stourbridge. Julia married Samuel James in 1862 in Kidderminister and had several children including: Cuthbert Gerald, Vicent, Cecelia, Bernard, and Arthur James. If anyone has knowledge of or information about being related to Catharine A. Marsh, please contact me. I want to know my English cousins. Louisa Hays, 533 1st Ave. NW, Arab, Alabama 35016, USA (Rec'd 5th Feb 08)
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hello from Australia, Thank you so much for your wonderful website. My gggrandmother was born in Stourbridge in 1824.She was Apphia Perks her father and mother were John and Hannah. She lived in Mill Lane. I did not get to Stourbridge when I was in UK last year. I am now so disappointed I did not. One can’t do and see everything. But that should have been a priority. I feel in a small way I have visited today. I will one day walk down Mill Lane. I don’t know if it is industrial or not. Are their just houses there and I wonder what they are like. Her father was an”Agent” whatever that is. I know I have some relos there but I have to find them. Thanks once again.
Margaret Juskevics Canberra Australia (Rec'd 4th Feb 08)
Hi I am from Australia and I am tracing the Weller and Chamberlain family's William Weller B abt 1780 of Handsworth married Susannah Chamberlain B 1781 in Stourbridge ,they married on 7 Jan 1805 at Kinswinford. They had 7 children that I know of.
Sophia B 1805 Married William Willets (this is my line)
John B 1810 Married Mary ann Bembrook
Henry B 1812
William B 1815 Married Mary Whitton
Thomas B 1818 Married Ann Rennell
Emma B 1820
Ann B 1823
Any help would be gratefully appreciated
Donna Latimer (Rec'd 3rd Feb 08)

In the 1881 census my Great Great Grandfather was a licensed Victualler and was living at The Queens Head, 57, Enville Street, Stourbridge. Can anyone give me any information about this pub or even better produce a picture.Thank you. Celia Bater (Rec'd 2 Feb 08)
I wonder if there is a budding genealogist out there who could help me with research into my KIRBY family. The Reverend John Malsbury Kirby b 1795 was the son of Edmund Kirby of Blakesley, he married Elizabeth Peell at St Thomas's Winchester in 1823. He was educated at Rugby School and was a ten year man at Queens College, Cambridge and a Clergyman of the Church of England. In 1832 he was Second Master at Stourbridge Grammar School and Chaplain of the Stourbridge Union and had the following eight children:-
Sarah Clarissa Kirby b 1824 in Heaton Norris
John Malsbury Kirby b 1826
George Edmund Kirby b 1829 Norton St Phillip
Alfred Peell Kirby b 1830 Old Swinford
Francis Kirby b 1832 Old Swinford
Henry Ash Kirby b 1834 Old Swinford
Edward Charles Kirby b 1836 Old Swinford
Isabella Elizabeth Kirby b 1838 Old Swinford
The Rev Kirby died in 1840 Hagley, Worcs and his wife Elizabeth became a Governess at the school, raising her children alone and living in the hamlet of Amblecote, Old Swinford. I am interested to know if the children also attended Stourbridge Grammar School and what they made of their lives. I am a direct descendant of George Edmund Kirby who was an Engineer and married Kate Jordan at St Leonards Church, Shoreditch in 1854. I do have heaps more info which I am happy to share with anyone willing to have an exchange of information so please do not hesitate to contact me. Terrie Tagg (Rec'd 1st Feb 08)

While researching my convict ancestor I came across his Old Swinford ancestry. William Baker was born in 1793 and transported in 1819 to Australia. His father Daniel was born in Stourbridge in 1765, and his mother Mary Chamberlain in 1767. Mary’s parents were John and Ann. William’s sister Jane, b 1795, married William Potter. His brother Daniel, b 1797 married Ann Rubery. His brother Tomas b 1801 married Mary Owen – their daughter Sophia married Thomas Priest in 1843. If you have any links I would be interested in your contact. Robert Hickman (Rec'd 7th Jan 08)

My Grandparents Joe and Eliza Jane Brammah lived in Stourbridge. My Father was also born there together with a number of his brothers and sister. I have no idea where they lived and later moved to Newport in Wales. I am looking to find out a) where they would have lived b) what Joe did for a living c) If any of the brothers died and where they are likely to be buried d) plus anything that could shine any light on the early years of my Father and Grandparents.
Bob Brammah. (Rec'd 6th Jan 08)

I am looking for any info on John Marriott who lived at 43 High Street, Wollaston in 1901 with his wife Mary (nee Hancox). John was a glass blower.
Any info would be great - Steven Dyke (Rec'd 2nd Jan 08)

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