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Stourbridge Genealogy archive of messages - 2009

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My name is jayne breese iam looking for  any information on a smith family who lived in love lane in 1911 then moved to lower high street in stourbridge.they were called william smith born n 1870  he was  married  to a hannah welch. there children were nellie,bernard  who was in ww2 ,maude,clarence george  who jioned the canadian army in ww2,and my grandmother mercy elizebeth.  does anyone have any information on these people   kind  regards Jayne
Looking for information on the RICHARDS family who came from Old Swinford area.  Richard Richards b.c. 1720 m. Phebe b. c.1725.  Richard Richards b. 1745 ch. 3.5.1745 m. Mary Wilkes 13.2.1764.  Richard Richards b. 1767 Old Swinford, m. Mary ?  b. 1771.  d. 3.11.1846 Southwark, London. Their children, all born at Old Swinford,  were Phoebe b.1793, Joseph b. 30.3.1795, Eli b. 1799, John b. 24.5.1801, d. 1836 Southwark, Sarah b. 28.8.1803, Richard b. 2.2.1806 and Thomasb. 12.6.1808. They were a family of ironmongers or blacksmiths.  Any help would be very much appreciated. Yours sincerely Patricia Taylor [email protected] 7 Aurora Court, Warners Bay, NSW  2282, Australia.
Looking for information on a mother, Phoebe (or Phebe), who emigrated to the US (Boston, MA, then NH) from Stourbridge in 1887 with her two sons Philip (b 1881)and Archie (b 1884). Last name not known but it's thought that Phoebe assumed the surname Baker after reconnecting with a gentleman who emigrated earlier. "Guest" is attached to the name Archie. Can anyone shed any light on this family? P.R.Baker, West Hurley, NY (Rec'd 7 Aug 09)
I have new information on Phebe A., Philip A. and Archie G. I have just learned that Annie Drury (Phebe A.?) was the mother of Archie & Phillip. A James Rule is listed on family papers as their father. Phebe and Archie emigrated in 1887. Settled in Weare, NH USA. Phillip A. lived with grandparents Rule until 1895 at which time he joined Phebe & Archie. Grandfather Rule was a glass blower for one of Stourbridge's glass companies. Have seen two pieces of stemware made by James. Both are about the same height and have clear stems with red bowls. One appears to be a wine glass the second a fruit cup. Phebe married a James Wilson Baker in 1889. Archie & Phillip became stepsons and took the Baker name. A Drury family emigrated to the US in 1996. Became next door neighbors of the Baker family. Names and birth dates from 1900 census:  
(BAKER) Phebe A. (B Sept 1857), Phillip (B Jan 1881), Archie (B Feb 1884) all born in England.  
(DRURY) Phillip R. J. (B May 1858), Emily J. (B Mar 1857), Phillip (B Oct 1883), Fred (B July 1885), Charles A. (Feb 1887), John (B Dec 1893) all born in England. If you have any information on the Rule Family (Scotland/Stourbridge, England) and/or the Drury family Stourbridge, England) Please contact me at [email protected]

I located Philip Anderson Baker's (Jan 1881) granddaughter last week. Neither of us knew the other existed.  My wife and I drove to NH to meet her and to compare notes. By putting the pieces of the puzzle together that I have on Archie and those Dotty had on Phillip we both got a better picture of our past. Dotty is in possession of the Stourbridge glass. P.R.Baker, (Rec'd 22 Aug 09)
John Smith supposedly born 1826/7 Stourbridge Worcs as on 1881 census father John Smith a silversmith, On the 1851 census B1826/7  Handsworth Staffs father John Smith a Butcher. The story goes he was home one day and he heard  his parents talking about the Bastard him, so he ran away to Brecon in Wales and changed his name from Wilkinson to Smith. The  legend goes he was  the illegitimate son of Gladstone. Not sure I believe much of this but trying to track down any family related to either Smith in Worc or Staff or Wilkinson family. Appreciate any help.  Barbara Smith (Rec'd 3rd Aug 09)

While delving into my family history I have come across the following: "Corporal Henry Whitwell - enlisted Stourbridge 1914, 19463 Worcester Regiment (9th Batallion), died of wounds - Mesopotamia (present day Iraq) - 02/02/1917" There is at present I believe, only one reference to a Whitwell - namely Thomas (his brother) killed at Arras 21/05/1917. I should be extremely grateful if, through your auspices, more light could be thrown on this omission as, after all, the River Tigris is very far from his home on the Stour.
Paul Nash (Rec'd 31 May 09)

Would  anyone knowing the whereabouts of any living descendants of  William Hobson (born 1853 (Kingswinford, Staffordshire)  married to (Prudence) Fanny Hayden (born 1883 AlcesterWarwickshire) , i.e. that would be descendants of either their daughter Elsie M (born 1883 Amblecote)  or their son William (born 1891 Amblecote) please contact N.M. Pearson   (who is a granddaughter of the  other child Beatrice Alice,born 1885 Amblecote, who emigrated to Canada with her husband Charles Ambrose Pearson in the early 1900's). There is going to be a large family reunion in Canada in August 2009, & they are invited to attend! email:  [email protected] (Rec'd 15 May 09)
or telephone (N.M. Pearson in  Holland) ......0031507852619

Would  anyone knowing the whereabouts of any living descendants of  John Pearson (born 1852 Stourbridge) married to Elizabeth (born 1860 in Lye ) i.e. that would be descendants of any of their following 4 children:  their daughters :Mary Elizabeth (born 1877 Lye) & Lilly (born 1884 Lye) & Hannah (born 1886 Lye)  or their son Albert (born 1889 Lye)   please contact N.M. Pearson   (who is a granddaughter of the other son Charles Ambrose born 1879 Lye who emigrated to Canada with his wife B.Alice Hobson in the early 1900's). There is going to be a large family reunion in Canada in August 2009, & they are invited to attend! email:  [email protected] (Rec'd 15 May 09) or telephone (N.M. Pearson in  Holland) ......0031507852619

Hi, I am searching for anyinformation on a John D Calloway born 1939 in Stourbridge. His father was John Donald Calloway and his mother Mary Dawes. Any information greatly received. Thanks, Dot Shaw (Re'c 12 May 09)

Hello. I am researching a friend's ancestors who lived in the Caledonia area in the 1800s. Their name was Alport, and they are shown in the
Censuses as living in Alport Dingle. From adjoining Census pages I see that this was near Aston's Fold and Ravensitch, both of which are clear on old maps. But strangely I can find no trace of Alport Dingle. Can anybody help? It took up quite a space on the Census, so it must have covered a reasonably large area. Any help would be gratefully received. Thank you so much. Madeleine (Rec'd 4th May 09)

I am seeking information on my GGGgrandparents John and Jane Cox who raised a family of sixteen children in Kingswinford between 1837 and 1861 when the emmigrated to America. The census shows they lived in Brierley Hill. Timothy Cox [email protected] (Rec'd 25th Apr 09)

Hi, I am in Canada, trying to search any information on my Grandmother's family. Her maiden name was Florence Chance but her mother's surname was Edwards. I believe my Grandmother had a younger sister whose surname was also Edwards. Florence married Jesse Smith. Unfortunately I have no dates but know only that she came from Stourbridge. Any info would be greatly appreciated. [email protected]

I am seeking information on Thomas Weaver, born about 1830 in Bentley. He married Elizabeth Willetts in 1852 and according to the 1871 census they had four children, Sarah J; Lizzie A; Harriett E and George T. I believe that George T(homas) was my great grandfather. They lived in Dennis Park where Thomas was a bottle packer. I would be grateful for any information on this seemingly elusive family. Jillian Doylend (Rec'd 4th Mar 09)

I am seeking information on Jeremiah Morris and Sarah Ridley who were married in the Stourbridge area in 1850. Jeremiah was my great grandfather and he might have lived at Foleshill (Coventry?) when he married Sarah at Stourbridge. Any info on either or their respective families would be much appreciated Michael Northrop (Northumberland) - (Rec'd 26 Feb 09)

Hi,  I am researching the HICK family from Stourbridge.  My father Harold Frederick HICK, born Feb 7 1908 Kinver St, Wordsley.  He recalled living near a canal and a tram line, would this be correct? Discovered recently dad had a half brother, Horace Joseph HICK, born Nov 4, 1899 Coventry St Stourbridge.  Father Horace Richard HICK mother Eliza LAW. Eliza died 5th Nov, 1903 at 656 Bloxwich Rd, Leawore (?).  Mary A Phipps, her mother, was present at the death.  I cannot find any trace of Horace Joseph.  Any ideas on how to trace him?  Also researching OLIVER family and CARTWRIGHT family from Wordsley, Amblecote, Stourbridge area.  Many thanks, Jenni, Cooma Australia (Rec’d 18 Feb 09)

I am researching the Badger family who lived in Stourbridge. Please give me any information you have. Susan Draper (Rec'd 14th Jan 09)

Hi, I am tracing Dunn family of Cradley and Stourbridge and am looking for descendants of IVOR DUNN believed to have been born William Ivor Dunn 1921-2003. Ivor was the son of William Dunn and Sarah Bridge and was a school teacher from Stourbridge. It is recollected that he was married and had children by the early 1950s. Regards Angela (Birmingham) (Rec'd 7 Jan 09)

Has anyone got any links with the PHILLIPS family of Kingswinford and the MOORE family of Wordsley? They were my Grandparents and both worked in the Glass industry. Thanks, Diana Bellamy (Rec'd 7 Jan 09)

Hi, I am helping a fellow researcher with her family history. A newspaper extract  of Birmingham "Daily Post" dated 25/8/1881 states John SQUIRES whilst brewing at the OLD STAR INN was scalded and eventually died. Could you please advise where Coventry Road (his abode) and the Inn may be situated on a town map?   Many thanks for your assistance with my query, Michele in a very hot Sydney 38C, Australia (lucky Michelle! rec'd 5th Jan 09)

I am trying to trace any decendents of Wilkinson Hatton and Mary Ann Wall they married in 1844 at Oldswinford I know to three children thomas 1846 Elizabeth my 3x grt grandmother and Mary Ann. 1871 cencus Wilkinson is living with Mary Ann's mother Maria Freeman at stepping stones Wilkinson died in June 1891 he was living with his daughter Elizabeth and her husband William Jukes Elizabeth died in 1899. Regards Sue [email protected] (Rec'd 4 Jan 09)

Hello, I am trying to trace my family tree back for the CHESTERMAN surname. I have found that they came from the Isle of Man though originally they came from the English mainland. I have found that they lived in Lower Hill Street, Beale Street and Worcester Street on their return from the Isle of Man. Also that 2 of the children actually became school teachers but at which school I am unsure. The father and daughter worked as cabinet maker/cabinet fetcher ? But where I have no idea. Any information you have would be a great help to me as I have now hit a brick wall. Kind regards, J.Chesterman
[email protected] (Rec'd 4 Jan 09)

Hi, I'm trying to trace my Great-Grandparents & Great-Great-Grandparents on my father's side. They are my Great Grandfather John Henry Griffiths who was born at Stourbridge abt 1850. He married on 1st December 1872 in the Parish Church at Old Swinford. His Bride my Great Grand-mother was Agnes Hayes who was baptised 13th April 1851 at All Saints West Bromwich Staffordshire. According to their Wedding Certificate they were both living at Stourbridge at the time of their marriage. I've managed to pick up John Henry on the 1851 Census at Worcester then he disappears until I locate him and Agnes on the 1881 Census living at West Bromwich Staffordshire. John Henry was a Coach Spring Maker and Blacksmith. I've only managed to locate 1 sibling for John Henry, Richard Henry Baptised 7th December 1858 Old Swinford Worcester. My Great-Great-Grandparents were Richard Griffiths be:abt 1824 Amblecote Worcester he was a Collier, his wife was Pheobe Welch who was born abt 1827 at Stourbridge. They married I think Wordsley Holy Trinity in 1849. My Hayes Great-Great-Grandparents were James Henry Hayes a Collier and Ann Smith. They married on 6 March 1837 at All Saints West Bromwich Staffordshire and that's all I know of them. I hope someone may be able to assist me in filling in the gaps and possibly locating some relatives as I know that I'm the last of the direct male line (Griffiths) in Australia and possibly World wide.  
Happy Days, John Griffiths (Rec'd 1 Jan 09)

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